• Mrs. Asia USA California 2019 Corazon Ugalde Yellen Armenta
  • Mrs. Asia USA California 2019 Corazon Ugalde Yellen Armenta
  • Mrs. Asia USA California 2019 Corazon Ugalde Yellen Armenta
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RACHEL PARK Miss Asia USA 2017


Happy New Year to all!

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Anthony Francisco, a Los Angeles based artist also known as the Visual Father of Baby Groot designed the Little Twig from “Guardians of the Galaxy” Vol.1 all the way to snarky Teen Groot in “Avengers: Infinity War”. He started his art career 18 years ago and has been involved in many projects in different stages […]

Highlights from the 67th Miss Universe Pageant in Bangkok, Thailand

This year’s edition of the most coveted beauty pageant, 67thMiss Universe has concluded. As the world now celebrates and adore the newly crowned queen, Miss Universe Philippines Catriona Gray, let us have the round-up of events and interesting facts from this year’s quest for the most confidently beautiful woman in the world. 1This is the […]


2019/01/01 1:01:50 AM


NEW YEAR 2019 Time to Dream Big, Be Bold and Courageous!

The accomplishment of every dream includes a recipe of some sorts, such as courage, a great investment one had to make; and of course some failed moments. With the New Year, it has us getting out our “recipes for dreams to come true” back out. 2019 brings on a new season filled with new dreams, […]

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Think of what your life was like 5 years ago and how much it has changed for the better. Isn’t it such a great way to start the year? Too often in life, we fail to appreciate what we already have because we were so busy thinking about the things that we don’t have. Truth […]

Life is Change

We Homo Sapiens who seek knowledge in order to be even wiser- are born of a discordant fundamentally flawed union not one of us is or will ever be “perfect” this is True as it is by design there is always room for improvement Those of us who always strive to improve our situation first […]

Manila Up! International Magazine serves up a dish on its 3RD ANNIVERSARY

The 3rd year anniversary of Manila Up! International Magazine was held at Li Orient Bar and Restaurant in downtown Los Angeles last month. No less than the owner, Kin Hu, graciously cohosted the event. Celebrity designer, Kiki Wang, who has catapulted into the international scene since she first held a fashion show in LA during […]

ALLANREY ‘MIGZ’ SALAZAR Multi-Awarded Artist

Allanrey ‘Migz’ Salazar is a Multi-Awarded International Filipino contemporary visual artist based in Paris. His work rests at the nexus of hard and soft, clean and dirty…it captures the plight of the individual-struggle, faith, ecstasy and the frailty of humankind. There’s nothing about the images of his works that is harmoniously beautiful by any conventional […]

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