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LA first Church of Nazarene Anniversary

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Current social convention amongst feminists dictates that beauty pageants are irrelevant in the modern world of gender equality. They claim that beauty pageants objectify women for their physical appearance rather than their mental prowess. There are several problems with this viewpoint. The most obvious is that not everyone can be brain surgeons or rocket scientists. […]

Angelina Kali – BIO

Angelina Kali is an international fashion model, fashion and lifestyle journalist, fashion consultant and brand ambassador. Catwalk assignments have included the London and Paris Fashion Weeks and many other major international fashion events such as Dubai Fashion Awards. She has been in numerous commercial and magazine photoshoots throughout the world. She has held the prestigious […]


2018/09/01 1:01:26 AM


The 67th Miss Universe 2018 Pageant in Thailand

The pageantry world’s much awaited announcement is finally out! In July 31, The Miss Universe Organization headed by Ms. Paula Shugart and reigning Miss Universe queen, Miss Demi Leigh Peters, were warmly welcomed by Mr. Thanawat Wansom, the rightful copyright holder of the 67th edition of Miss Universe before heading to meet the Ministry of […]

Champagne, a 100 Million-Dollar-Mansion and Kiss the Monkeys

The global charity and business network Kiss the Monkeys hosted an on of a kind spectacle in the 1922 Al Jolson Mansion in the heart of Hollywood. Al Harris and his sweetheart Raquel Sanchez are the powerful masterminds behind the headlining event. Kicked off on July 20th by a Speakers Summit, Kiss the Monkeys hosted […]


A few months ago, my good friend and I “stumbled” upon a quaint, relatively quiet oasis amidst the “Triangle”, a distinct slice of south Maui. The eclectic mix of pubs, digs and shops catering to both locals and visitors alike, this one distinct place allowed us the space and ambiance to simply enjoy the unpretentious […]

Zoomanity Group’s Generation Z Business Night

A leading company in theme park industry in the Philippines, Zoomanity Group hosted the “Generation Z Business Night” recently, with existing and potential partners at UnliCity, Century City Mall, Makati City. During the party, Robert Laurel Yupangco, head of Zoomanity Group launched its new projects and partnerships for 2018. The event focused on four topics, […]

Samantha Goh

Blessed with three homes, the beginning of my journey starts in Singapore, however a part of me has always being in Malaysia and in my later life, I was able to call Australia home. I worked hard and was accepted in Monash University in Australia, and by the age of 23, I graduated with a […]


Spectacular reviews! Crazy Rich Asians, the movie, is becoming to be the biggest in its genre. An estimated $25M on its second week of showing, it is steadily climbing up and taking a high spot at the box office. This is the first time a movie features an all Asian cast. Our very own Kris […]

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