• VIRGINIA G LANE A Woman for All Seasons
  • VIRGINIA G LANE A Woman for All Seasons
  • VIRGINIA G LANE A Woman for All Seasons
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The Beauty Queens Have Arrived!

Contestants for the Miss Universe 2018 beauty pageant start arriving in Bangkok, Thailand on November 29th at Dusit Thani hotel. This marks the start of 4-day registration period to officially join the pageant. This year’s official licensee, TPN 2018 Co., Ltd., warmly welcomed the lovely ladies from various countries led by its CEO Somchai Cheewasutthanon, […]

Cynthia Alcantara Barker A Woman of Service

A typical Filipina, petite, beautiful and with skin to be envied by those paying fortunes to go on holiday to get her tan. That is how I can describe the outward feature of Hon. Cynthia Alcantara Barker. She grew up in the “City of 7 Lakes”, with great views of green mountains, home of diverse […]

Marcelito Pomoy

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2018/12/01 1:01:44 AM


Making the most of our Harvest

For those of us living in the Western Hemisphere the time of the harvest is upon us-the days grow shorter, temperatures begin to drop, the sun rises each morning at an ever decreasing angle casting long shadows as the Earth prepares to tuck itself in for a restful sleep from which it will emerge renewed, […]

Mrs. China Elite International 2018

This year I am honoured to have been invited as a judge at the Grand Finals of the Mrs. China Elite International 2018 held in Nanjing. I have found myself doing a lot of judging and participating in various pageants since becoming TKS Mrs. Malaysia International and winning Mrs. ASEAN in November 2016. I understand […]

Divorcing Your U.S. Citizen Husband/Wife and Keeping Your Green Card

Many times, an immigrant will come into my office if they are in a bad marriage with a United States Citizen, afraid that separating or divorcing from the U.S. Citizen will end of their chances at keeping or obtaining a green card. Nothing can be further than the truth. This article will give an overview […]

EZWay Wall of Fame

The eZWay Wall of Fame was created by one of the top ten social media influencers in the world. Ranked # 7 of the top ten, by “Hollywood Weekly Magazine,” “Actors Reporter”, “Cold Heat News”, and many more, Mr. Eric Zuley founded eZWay Broadcasting, Inc. His business is now branded as eZWay Network, a multimedia […]


We have been taught many formulas at school, (Newtons laws of motions , Pythagorean theorem, Einstein’s theory of relatively, and many others… but we have never been given a formula for happiness. I stumbled upon this formula by accident, and through painful adversity that I experienced in 2008. As you know, this was the time […]

Bringing You Inspiration & Spotlighting on Impacting Events! Happy Lifestyle Influencers Social & Mixer at the EnVy Lounge

A very special event took place October 10, 2018 at the EnVy Lounge in Newport Beach. It was an intimate, fun night of making connections with incredible Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Influencers in the Orange County/Los Angeles Region. The hosts of the event are called “The Happy Lifestyle Influencers” who include Business Entrepreneurs Lisa Caprelli, […]

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