Monday June 17, 2024

CINEMA, CULTURE, TRADITION, AND ENGINEERING MARVELS CONVERGE By: Drea Castro Panama, a country steeped in cultural heritage and natural beauty, recently hosted a week-long celebration that seamlessly blended the glitz of the International Film Festival of Panama, the rich traditions of the Emberá Tribe, the vibrant Festival of Devils in Casco Viejo, and the awe-inspiring experience of visiting the Panama Canal. This immersive journey is a testament to Panama’s ability to weave together diverse experiences into unforgettable memories. International Film Festival of Panama: A Global Cinematic Celebration The heart of the week-long adventure began in Panama City, where the International Film Festival of Panama unfolded under the direction of Karla Quintero. Hollywood luminaries, including the legendary John Travolta, graced the festival with their presence, infusing the event with star-studded allure. Alongside Travolta, critically acclaimed director Gregory Nava, renowned for his masterpiece El Norte, also made an appearance at the festival. The festival’s program was an incredible curation of global cinema, showcasing films that sparked inspiration and highlighted underrepresented global narratives. Classic masterpieces like Grease, beloved by generations, shared the spotlight with gems such as Italy’s Lo Capitano and Japan’s Monster, captivating audiences and igniting powerful discussions about storytelling, diverse cultural perspectives, and the power of cinema. Each screening was a journey into the human experience. Querido Trópico grabbed the Su Mirada postproduction award. La chica destellante y otras protestas won the Development Award, and the prestigious Copa Airlines Audience Award went to Bila Burba. One of the festival’s highlights was the series of special industry panels. These panels provided invaluable insights into the inner workings of the international film industry. Filmmakers, producers, and industry experts took part in essential discussions, gaining a deeper understanding of cinema on a global scale. The festival’s commitment to showcasing...... Read more on Full Issue!

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