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MANILA UP! Magazine is a print and digital publication that identifies, promotes and connects global connectivity among diverse cultures.

CONNECTIVITY – this defines MANILA UP! Magazine. Our basic mission statement is to establish and expand the common ties we all share within our communities and beyond. The phenomenal diaspora of our populations around the world have unique qualities, yet, are both identifiable and associative. Some from humble beginnings, with service and dedication to our courses and life purposes. The common human spirit inherent in us. Our magazine is a platform where people can share their challenges and hurdles, their entrepreneurial spirits and as a venue where we celebrate small personal victories as well as more remarkable ones for the purpose of inspiring life’s travelers worldwide.

As the New Year ushers in a new beginning, we invite you to welcome us into your homes as we extend our open arms to embrace you and those who bring value to your lives. An open forum for the expression of what gives us all interesting avenues to pursue, the range of possibilities is unlimited in depth and range.

You are invited to join our quest for connectivity and encourage contributions from your wealth of information worthy of sharing with others with common interests. Whether it’s the who’s who or unsung heroes you know, newsworthy clips, ranging, but not limited to, environmental issues, entertainment in various genres, ideas and innovations, and beliefs we continue to evolve and feature trending topics and subjects as well as interesting stories from sources around the world.. This is the vision of MANILA UP!, the core and capital of the endless potentials, we all are proud to share with the rest of the global family. A warm WELCOME AND MABUHAY!!!

Website: www.manilaupmagazine.com

Facebook: Manila Up!

Twitter: @ManilaUp_Mag Instagram: manilaupmagazine

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