Monday June 17, 2024

By MJ Racadio BLOGTALK WITH MJ The following piece is a republishing of an article previously posted on another media source. It has been edited to meet the magazine’s sharing standard. Marc Anthony Nicolas has come a long way, from serving dining tables to becoming an Emmy-winning producer of “The Talk”. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing him on Blogtalk’s Hollywood Segment. My legacy is celebrating the Filipino spirit and “making a mark” in the entertainment industry. As a Filipino born in the Philippines, I’ve strived to pave the way for others, showcasing the amazing talent and creativity of our Filipino community on a global platform. Through my work in front of and behind the camera, I’ve shared my love of life with everyone I meet, spreading joy, laughter, and inspiration wherever I go. Whether through my hosting, producing, or personal interactions with others, my goal has always been to make people smile and ignite a spark of inspiration within them. My legacy is not just about the talk shows I’ve been a part of, but the hearts I’ve touched and the lives I’ve influenced along the way, leaving behind a legacy of positivity, empowerment, and Filipino pride. Here are 10 Reasons Why “Make Your Marc” is the Hottest Show in Town! 1. Diverse Perspectives: “Make Your Marc” showcases a wide range of voices and experiences from the global Filipino community, making it a melting pot of diverse perspectives. 2. Inspirational Stories: Each episode is filled with inspiring narratives of success, resilience, and determination, motivating viewers to pursue their dreams and make a difference. 3. Phenomenal Guests: “Make Your Marc” features engaging interviews with Filipino trailblazers that inspire audiences and spark intriguing conversations. 4. Interactive Segments: The show incorporates interactive elements that allow the...... Read more on Full Issue!

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