Monday June 17, 2024

By: Naiia Lajoie With all the controversy circulating in the entertainment industry these days, there is seemingly little honor to be found in the music business. Then, a glimmer of hope: one cannot spell “Honoré” without “honor”, and that is precisely what the artist of the same namesake embodies. Born and raised in Pasadena, California, Anthony Honoré – who professionally goes by his surname – is a trifecta of trifectas. For starters, he is a mix of Black, Caucasian, and Filipino heritage. Second, he is a triple threat performer; a singer (aside from his recording artistry, he is also involved in a stage musical), a dancer (a musical performer in the same vein as Usher or Tank), and an actor (whom I discovered while interviewing that we have worked with the same directorial team). Lastly, he is self-described as a “man of three faces”: the Bruno Mars tribute performer, the R&B cover band, and the songwriter who pens original pieces. In wearing so many hats and with such big shoes to fill – citing Prince as his primary inspiration – one would think performance and comfort on-stage came naturally to him. Such is not the case. In fact, Honoré suffered from what he calls “ugly duckling syndrome”; he was an awkward boy who had difficulty communicating with girls and finding his place world. Then he found music, or rather “I believe music called me,” he reveals. “It just gave me a voice and a platform to speak how I felt. I was that dude who would write you a poem, versus saying ‘Yo what’s up girl, you want to go out on a date?’” he jests. Inspired by the R&B tracks his older sister would blast in the 90s, the likes of Blackstreet, Babyface, and...... Read more on Full Issue!

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