Monday June 17, 2024

Los Angeles Fashion Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion, the latest Los Angeles Fashion Week proved beyond doubt that LAFW stands in a league of its own. From the boundary-pushing creations of The Black Tape Project to the mesmerizing spectacle of models transformed into cinematic aliens, Art Hearts Fashion spared no extravagance, turning the runway into a veritable Hollywood red carpet at The New Mart from March 21-24, 2024. Here, the essence of fashion transcended mere attire, emerging as a captivating blend of artistry, drama, cinematic allure, whimsy, innovation, and a touch of science fiction. This was fashion elevated to its zenith, a thrilling showcase that left attendees spellbound and redefined the very concept of runway glamor with over 30 showcasing designers. See selects below for a deeper delve into categorized fashion this Los Angeles Fashion Week. This Los Angeles Fashion Week Art Hearts Fashion hosted over 9 Ukrainian designers in partnership with The New Mart and the UFF program. See below one of the most iconic designers with designs in over 100 stores.   David Tupaz PHOTOS BY JOE GARCIA   Kenneth Barlis PHOTOS BY JOE GARCIA   Mr. Triple X PHOTOS BY JOE GARCIA   Gianina Azar PHOTOS BY JOE GARCIA   Coral Castillo PHOTOS BY JOE GARCIA   Anthony Rubio PHOTOS BY JOE GARCIA   House of Puglieli PHOTOS BY JOE GARCIA   Wilfredo Gerardo PHOTOS BY JOE GARCIA      ...... Read more on Full Issue!

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