Monday June 17, 2024

The Mind Behind ALLURE TALENT MANAGEMENT By: Naiia Lajoie Having lived in the LA Region for over a decade now, I can say with conviction that you would be remiss to throw a stone and not hit a talent manager. With a plethora of actors, performers, and musicians in the area, all vying for representation, talent management companies are seemingly a dime a dozen. So, when seeking reps, what makes one firm a better choice over the other? The answer: when the owner subscribes to the notion that, “Your vibe is your tribe”. Do not get it twisted, the juggling act of managing artists is an artform itself, one that Lulu Nina has mastered quite nicely. Coming from a paralegal background, the young phenom – one of many in a multifaceted, talented family – initially wanted nothing to do with representing others. However, her familiarity with the legality involved coupled with her open-yet-firm honesty, caused artists to seek her out and push her into a management position. Never turning down a challenge and instead seeing an opportunity, Lulu took on the new role and thus began Allure Talent Management. With a soft launch taking place shortly after the pandemic, the company will be officially launching in June of this year. Lulu currently manages a girl group called Synergy, comprised of six girls aged 9 – 11, all hand-picked and trained at Allure’s studio Rising Stars, located in Walnut, California. They dance, sing in three different languages, and have already released a single called “Ready”. Also among Lulu’s roster is Mia Mahal, a songwriter and sound bath healer who released her own EP, as well as specializes in Filipino OPM and wellness music. While gearing towards relaxing, ethereal beats, “Coming from the Philippines,” Lulu explains, “in...... Read more on Full Issue!

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