Saturday December 1, 2018

We have been taught many formulas at school, (Newtons laws of motions , Pythagorean theorem, Einstein’s theory of relatively, and many others… but we have never been given a formula for happiness.

I stumbled upon this formula by accident, and through painful adversity that I experienced in 2008. As you know, this was the time of the Global Financial Crisis… All my savings, investments, income, stocks and shares and equity in my house were decimated. To a point which led me to the thoughts of suicide. It was a time that was very hard indeed for myself and my family. The one thing that was immensely helpful was the art of giving. What this means, there is a way to give, and it is an art. And in the moment you give authentically, all the pains and suffering completely stops… and you are filled with a feeling of peace and joy. This feeling was something i had not experienced in a long time and it gave me hope. Hope in a way that would take me along a more fulfilling journey.

As I gave more, it was like a drug and it became addictive. Then another wonderful thing happened, as I gave and gave.. I became more grateful. I would look at my hands, and thank them for all the great things they have done for me, the kindness they had given, the gentleness they had experienced, the children they had carried and the hugs they had given. This feeling too, gave me hope… which compounded the feeling generated by the giving. This awareness felt great and I realized that the awareness had brought some clarity, which in turn, had brought some focus, which in turn, brought some action, which in turn, created results… Leading to momentum. I had not felt this way for many years and I started to analyze why I was feeling this way. I knew I had given, I knew I was grateful… but there was something else. What am I missing.. It was then that I had realized I had grown. Emotionally… Physically… Spiritually and mentally…. That’s when I said to myself, what a great formula. That stuck in my head for a few days. Then I asked myself, what is this formula for… Then I realized it was the formula we had all been seeking – the formula for happiness.

People ask me, Anil are you happy all the time? Quite frankly, I am not… I have my moments… But I don’t live in a world of bad moments, but a world of great moments. This was a revelation… As I delved deeper, I realized that whenever I had my bad moments, one of these 3 G’s *(Giving, Growing, Gratitude) was at a much lower level. Just by simply knowing that and being aware of it, brought my attention to it, so therefore would focus on the lowest G… Which in turn would bring up all the G’s. Instantly make me happier. I would love for you all to do this really simple exercise which will have powerful ramifications… So right now.. Look at your life.. Which of the 3 G’s (Give, Grow, Gratitude) is at the lower point… and then… Once you have decided which is the lowest G…. All you need to do, is work on that G to raise its level. As you do this, be aware of the impact it has on your happiness… It is quite profound, you can do this more than once a day, as often as you like. And after a while, it only takes a few seconds to be aware where you need to place your attention.


I have taught this formula in front of 10,000 raving fans in Medellin, Colombia. On Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island. To many celebrities and athletes, in four continents, and in 8 languages. It has never been wrong, and has proven itself to be true in every single case. I urge you to use this formula, to enhance you, your families and friends life….n For further information, please go to my website www. I am running a special offer for my private membership site, where you will learn many tools and methodologies, to make your life a richer fuller happier life.

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