Friday December 1, 2023

By Mark Anthony King KINGSCRIPT This journey as a columnist and media personality has taken me on some incredible adventures, and I have been speechless many times while amid powerful and soul-stirring conversations with titans who’ve graciously agreed to participate in an intensely intimate, transparent, and tremendously transformative symposium of the spirit with yours truly. There are men whose life journeys have instilled within me a combination of awe and admiration. Learning from modern-day masters is a gift, and today I am in a state of newfound gratitude, hunger, and most important of all, faith set ablaze; eager to share it with you and hopefully you may find yourself tremendously blessed as a result. All these internal shifts are due to a conversation with one man, who has since proudly welcomed me as a brother. I earnestly don’t know where to begin introducing this man. Generally, whenever you write an introduction, you want to begin with something small and build your way up to significant accomplishments. The thing is this man’s entire legacy is one massive highlight reel of achievements so impossible that they seem fabricated. A series of achievements, accolades, awards, and honors that are too incredible to be coincidence. All you must do is look at this man’s resume and you will recognize God’s divine tapestry. This man’s story is not only a testament of resilience and resolve; but rather it is evidence of how a personal relationship with God is the single most valuable resource in your life. You can run out of money, answers, opportunities, tricks, lies, things, assets, plans, or people. Yet, you can’t run out of God, you can’t run away from God, and you can’t outrun God. HE is inescapable, especially during your most difficult moments. This man’s...... Read more on Full Issue!

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