Friday December 1, 2023

By MELODY GARCIA LIFE UNSCRIPTED Local businesses have always played such a critically important role in America. They’re the backbone of our economy, a physical representation of what it means to carve out your own slice of the American dream. A small business that has stood the test of time is a prime example of leadership. You see, local businesses cannot thrive without effective leaders who predict market trends, adapt to said trends, are at the cutting edge of marketing, leveraging their position, and most important of all, create strong relationships built over time. The leadership that is necessary for a local business to prosper is built on relationships between employees and their customers. It is willingly prioritizing people over profits, and creating a culture of diversity, inclusion, solutions, and innovation – which become priceless resources to the community. That is why we wish to express our utmost respect and sincerest gratitude to “Let Us Frame It”, owned by Jill and Giovanni Viancello. They not only play an integral role in their community with the undeniable impact they’ve made, but also the integrity and generosity which they have consistently displayed time and again. We can confidently say that we’ve personally been on the receiving end of this generosity which they even graciously extended to my entire team. Even certain friends of mine have known them through sponsoring the framing done for notable awards we had received from President Biden and the White House. Quality and attention to detail are a lost art these days, and yet Let Us Frame It is keeping this lost art very much alive. In today’s world, one that boasts the latest and greatest gadgets, the digital age of smart phone photos, moving frames, quick & easy fixes, and Amazon Prime...... Read more on Full Issue!

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