Tuesday December 1, 2020

GRAND ADVENTURE By: ANNA MARIE MATEESCU   ANDALUCIA Andalucia is the most southern region of Spain. It borders Portugal on the west side, with the Spanish regions of Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura in the north, the region of Murcia to the east, and the English territory of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea to its South. It is the most populous, and the second largest autonomous community in the country. The Andalusian autonomous community is officially recognized as a “historical nationality”. The territory is divided into eight provinces: Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaen Malaga, and Seville. The capital of Andalucia is the city of Seville. Andalucia’s seat of the High Court of Justice is located in the city of Granada. Andalucia is the only European region with both Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines. The name “Andalucia” (Anglicized as Andalusia) is derived from the Arabic Andalusia. It has historically been an agricultural region, compared to the rest of Spain and Europe. Still, the growth of the community in its sectors of industry and services has been above average within Spain, and higher than many communities in the Eurozone. The region has a rich culture and a strong ethnic identity. Many cultural marvels that are seen internationally and thought to be distinctively Spanish are actually largely or entirely Andalusian in origin. These include Flamenco dancing, bullfighting (to a lesser extent), and Hispano-Moorish architectural styles. GRANADA Granada is very cheap to live in compared to other parts of Europe and even within Spain. An Airbnb or hotel room in Granada costs around 30 to 50 euros per night. It has a great quality of life & a slow, laid back attitude possessed by the people who live there. Surely there must be something about Granada that has had us captivated...... Read more on Full Issue!

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