Wednesday May 1, 2019

By: Naiia Lajoie The Santos family held a reunion recently, hosted at the effervescent Champagne Room of the Manila Hotel. The scene is a French Mediterranean Restaurant, where the players – being our family – enjoyed the sumptuous sit-down dinner amongst close friends and relatives. Given they rarely have the opportunity to ingratiate the same room simultaneously, all stepped-up to the dress-up occasion. The ladies looked lavish in floor-length gowns while the men sported their best sport coats, dawning suits & tuxedos. Los Angeles-based siblings Hester Bautista & Homer Santos flew-in from the City of Angels with the partners and families in tow. Hester Bautista was accompanied by Paul Ritchie, while Homer brought along his whole family. Henrietta Alvendia and her children were also in full attendance. Host Helsa Tooley was elated at the sight of her family members – near and far – coming together again. It just so happened that the reunion coincided with brother Hernan Santos’ birthday, who appeared as well with his wife Suraida and their children. Guests were not bound by their busy personal schedules, as was demonstrated by fellow family member Gerry Santos. He temporary left his job as a production designer for film & TV in order to enjoy the night. His works include “Escort”, “Mano Po 7”, along with credits for “Cain and Abel”, “My Love from the Star”, to name a few....... Read more on Full Issue!

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