Monday August 1, 2022

by GILDA PINEDA DIONELA KINGDOM ADVENTURE   Another discovery that truly amazed me in London is its huge tourism. You might be living in the city for decades, and still learn new things every now and then of global importance. Once, there were certain ads that popped up in my social media account that said “Free tour to Hyde Park”. It caught my attention. I joined the tour. Hyde Park is one of London’s eight Royal Parks and covers an area of 350 acres. Some of many attractions are “Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain and an open water free to swim called Serpentine. When the tour was set, I was surprised to see that those who joined were local tourists. Our guide had mastered all about Hyde Park. There was one place he showed that had simple Gazebo. If you are walking by yourself you will think it’s just a place to rest but I found out it has been the platform of many great men and women that left a great impact on the world. It is the “Speaker’s Corner”, the oldest free speech platform in the world. It has been the place for rallies, protests or debates since 1866. People are permitted to speak anytime during the park’s opening hours but as a rule people only speak on Sundays midday till dusk. This place allows people to express their insights about any topics they choose such as political, religious, trading or current events. Famous people who spoke in this place were Lord Donald Soper who started appearing and preaching in that spot from 1942 up to 1993 when he was aged 90 years old. He was a socialist Methodist Preacher, who was against war, poverty, drinking alcohol, gambling, capitalism, communism and slave labour....... Read more on Full Issue!

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