Wednesday January 1, 2020

By Angelina Kali

London based designer Oksana Kalinina is a master of her craft. Arriving in London with only her top qualifications in all aspects of fashion and dressmaking. She was walking down the world-famous Saville Row one day and entered Hardy Amies. Due to her skill set, she was immediately offered a job even though she was the youngest by far. Rising quickly up the ranks, after a few years she was offered to work for Charlotte Casadejus, the famous vintage-style wedding dress designer. Her acquired skills gained her the recognition of her peers by winning the award for Best Haute Couture and Bespoke Designer, beating 16 of her international contemporaries.

When I first came across her brand, I immediately thought that her outfits would be perfect for Royal Ascot, one of the most important social events for high fashion attended by royals, nobles, business elite and high society. Her classic style has a timeless elegance, truly reflecting her brand philosophy of sophistication and nobleness. Her perfectionism extends not only to her dress making but also to ensuring a complete look from head to toe for her clients. It is her personal attention dedicated to each and every client that has won her such a loyal following.

Oksana founded Oksana Kalinina Couture as a wedding dress maker. She draws inspiration from ancient Greece resulting in sophisticated and highly tailored wedding dresses. Whilst still sought after for her wedding dresses, Oksana wanted a wider outlet for her creativity. It was an easy transition for her to also create elegant evening dresses which captivate the essence of elegance, femininity and high design. Her couture is made-to-measure, tailored to perfectly complement the client’s personality and form.

She now also focuses on creating stunning day and evening outfits with a heavy influence from the 1950s and 60s. Using only natural fabrics such as wool, chiffon, silk, crepe and French lace, Oksana creates elegant outfits that emphasize the wearer’s natural beauty, femininity and inner confidence to the outside world. As Oksana aims for perfection, she also designs accessories and headpieces that perfectly complement her dresses.

For that reason, her outfits are just so suitable for Royal Ascot as hats are obligatory. Having been covered by many of the leading international publications and news outlets such as Tatlers, Harper’s Bazaar, MSNBC, USA Today and CNN. From my many attendances at Royal Ascot and recognised as one of the best dressed, I am super confident that by wearing one of Oksana

Kalinina Couture outfits I will again be noticed by the world’s fashion critics even though competition will be fierce as most of the leading fashion brands and designers will be represented by the attendees. For that matter, I would be confident to wear her elegant outfits on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival or any other high society event.

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