Thursday July 1, 2021

by ROBERT WOMACK FROM HOLLYWOOD TO ASIA Sahra Nguyen – Founder of Nguyen Coffee Supply, and featured guest on “The Drew Barrymore Show”. A little history on Sahra Nguyen is necessary prior to getting into the interview with her. For those reading, you will come to realize what motivates a person coming from a refugee home, and what they have to endure in order to gain their own identity and brand. Also, the reader will appreciate the person as a filmmaker, activist, writer, and entrepreneur. Sahra’s journey has been like many others who grew up with parents who left their culture behind and had to learn a new language. It is a fact that foreign immigrants face hardships that naturalized citizens do not. Racism is just one example, but a big one to be sure. Also imagine if you will, learning English in school while your parents are proficient in another language. Couple this with being different from others, and the invisibility that comes with being less acknowledged. These hardships and handicaps can push youngsters to become more creative or drop out. For example, Sahra became immersed in artwork and was quite good at it. In her struggle to find her own identity, her education preference took her to both Asian American Studies and World Arts and Cultures. For those studies, Sahra was awarded a double degree from the University of California in Los Angeles, California (or simply UCLA). After she graduated, Sahra became involved with video mentoring at “Artists For Humanity”, as well as becoming the director for “Writing Success Program”, also at UCLA. From Los Angeles Sahra moved to Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York in 2012. It is here that Sahra began to spread her wings in film production. Obviously her earlier background in...... Read more on Full Issue!

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