MICHELLE NARVAEZ Philippipine Airlines Los Angeles, Area Manager

Sunday July 1, 2018

EP: Your full name?
MN: Michelle Frances Maldia Narvaez.
EP: Status?
MN: Single
EP: Job Title?
MN: Philippine Airlines Area Manager – Los Angeles district.
EP: Any background information you may wish to share, including place of birth, parents,siblings ?
MN: Born in Manila, Philippines.
EP: Education ?
MN: Graduated from De La Salle University, Manila.
EP: Career history ?
MN: Been with Philippine Airlines for 28 years, started as an office clerk,and worked my wayup to current position. Most of my career was spent in Manila until I wasassigned to handle ourVietnam office, then took over Australia, set up our office in New York andnow here in LosAngeles.
EP: How you got to where you are in PAL?
MN:Home grown. First job since graduating from university. Went upthe ranks, starting from being a clerk, ticket representative, rate desk representative, sales representative, product manager, district sales manager and now area manager based here in LA.
EP: Your thoughts about your recent promotion?
MN: Being assigned in our LA office is the biggest challenge so far. The responsibility involved is huge. The United States is a major market for PAL and LA alone has 14 flights a week to Manila.
EP: What are your plans for the company?
MN: The company is expanding and improving our products. New York will start flying nonstop by late October this year. We will be the only airline that will fly nonstop from New York to the Philippines. The company is also looking at expanding in the US. It can be another point to fly from or maybe an additional frequency. It is still being studied and decided on.
EP: What incentives can you offer Filipinos and others in your niche market in order to increase passenger volumes and revenues?
MN: We are currently offering the summer seat sale which has been extended for sale until June 24, 2018. Our all in fare Los Angeles to Manila round trip economy is as low as $679. Travel period is from 16 July to 10 December 2018 with a maximum stay of 1 month in Manila.
Aside from this, we offer remarkably low fares both on business class and economy class for beyond Manila (Los Angeles via Manila to Bangkok or Hong Kong or any Asian destination that we fly to).
EP: Your short/medium/long term goals for both your professional and personal lives.
MN: I still see myself staying with the company, maybe until I retire. Now the decision as to whether I stay in LA or go back to the Philippines is the company’s discretion. As an obedient soldier, I will go where I am needed.
EP: Parting shots or words you wish to impart to our readers.
MN: First of all, we would like to say thank you to the Filipinos in America. Thank you for the support you have been giving us all these years. And we’d like to ask for your continued patronage for the years to come. “ Ang Philippine Airlines ay nandito para sainyo at nagsisilbi para sa inyo ng buong pusong alaga. Tangkilikin natin ang sariling atin at mabuhay ang Filipino!”.

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