Wednesday January 1, 2020

At this point, the Manila Up! staff is no stranger to the Manila Hotel’s Champagne Room; as much a place for socializing as it is celebration, Manila Up! was at it again in the iconic hotel, this time celebrating its December issue of the magazine. Many heeded the call to this celebratory occasion. US-based cover girl Corazon Ugalde Armenta and Australian resident Helsa Tooley were in tow, flying in from afar to attend the event. Guest of honor Governor Chavit SINGSON – cover of the December issue – graced all with his presence. To him, publisher Sonia Dionela Bermejo presented a Certificate of Recognition from the Public Works Department of the City of Los Angeles. Also awarded were writers Becky Garcia, Mayenne Carmona, and Jhoanna de Guzman. Guests Joy Fong, Agile Zamora, and Dr. George Sarankinis cheered on their fellow contributors. Such a momentous occasion calls for an equally magnanimous menu; Helsa Tooley and Sonia Bermejo combed through the succulent delicacies to ensure that guests, honorees, and staff members alike could sink their teeth into something of high gastronomical standards that matched their prestige as well. Following the success of the 4th Anniversary party across the pond prior, this Manila-based celebration echoed the enchantment felt on that night. It was the perfect successor to the successful American launch, and was a sight to behold. As the Manila Up! Honor Roll grows, so too are its contributors on a roll. Mayor Luis Chavit Singon and Publisher Corazono Ugalde Armenta and Mayor Luis Singson Sonia Bermejo, Jhoanna de Guzman, Mayenne Carmona, Becky Garcia, Luis Singson and Joy Fong Mayor Luis Singson, Becky Garcia and Sonia Bermejo Joy Fong, Jhoanna de Guzman, Agile Zamora, Sonia Bermejo, Mayenne Carmona, Luis Singson,Becky Garcia, Corazon Armenta, & Helsa Tooley Sonia Bermejo, Helsa Tooley,...... Read more on Full Issue!

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