GAUKHAR “GIA” NOORTAS judge one of the global judges TV REALITY SHOW CBS “WORLD’S BEST!”

Friday February 1, 2019

By: Sonia Bermejo


Gaukhar Gia Noortas is a well recognized film producer, director, and actress from Kazakhstan. She is the founder of Hollywood Film Academy® (USA, Kazakhstan) and Mount Helix Films (USA). Gia also produced international film and cultural festivals.

MUIM: Can you tell me a little something about you, where were came from, and, how was your childhood? Family background? Education?

Gia: “I’m originally from Kazakhstan. Since my childhood was during the time it was with the Soviet Union, it definitely impacted my life. I’ve experienced oppression of my language, history, culture, spiritual beliefs of my nation,and literal military intervention. December 16- 18th 1996 were Independence Days for Kazakhstan. Then of course we lived through the hardships in the 1990s after the fall of Soviet Union when the newly formed independent Kazakhstan was building its economy. All of that made me and many others true survivors.”

“I couldn’t be more proud of the family I grew up in. Both of my parents were renowned scientists. My mother,Alma, was a mathematician and my father,Negmet, was an earth scientist. We had thousands of books in our house and therefore, I grew up reading. My favorites were folk stories from all over the world, and books that would shed light onto history of many different nations. Since the age of 5 I was studying music, played violin and piano, later acquiring a Master’s degree in Music Science from Kazakhstan National Conservatory. Though I never worked as a musician, that vast knowledge always helps me in my current profession”

MUIM: How do you describe yourself? Who/how did you get into film production. Did you get formal education in filmmaking?

Gia: “I’m a learner, that’s my passion. I love to learn something new everyday. I’m a conversationalist, who truly enjoys deep interesting discussions, exploring fascinating minds of people. The intention to become part of film community came to me when I was a kid but because of what was happening in my life and my country I couldn’t act on it till later. I moved to LA in 2003 to become a filmmaker. That was a very conscious decision on my part. It was also the bravest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I basically packed my two little kids and moved to a city where I didn’t know a single person. I had no support mechanism whatsoever, and I was an emigrant single mother. I still remember sleepless nights worrying about the unknown future for myself and my children. It all worked out eventually.”

MUIM: What are your beliefs? What shaped your character the most,and guides you to become a better person that you are today?

Gia: “Great question. What I’ve learned over time is that the most important belief is the belief in yourself. That means that first and foremost I had to accept myself without any judgment. Then really fall in love with myself fully and unconditionally. That gave me strength to take one step at the time into becoming the person I am today. Another huge support is the spiritual foundation. I believe in oneness of everything and everyone. That belief helps me to stay patient with people and situations, and helps me to truly listen to intuition.The other belief is belief in the people I surrounded myself with. I truly have amazing friends and the team I’m working with. That’s an incredible blessing”.

MUIM: What’s keeping you busy right now? And why are you in Los Angeles? “LA has become home for me. Of course I go back to Kazakhstan every chance I get, and I have a film production company there but I really love the international and multicultural nature of this City of Angels. It gives me the opportunity to create joint productions with producers from different countries. For example, I’m finishing up post production for an action film I’ve jointly produced with Mongolian producers. And my company here in LA always looks for an opportunity to work with producers from all over the world. For instance, we have a fully developed script that we tailored for shooting in Manila. Who knows, maybe we will be coming soon to the beautiful Philippines to shoot a movie 🙂 “.

MUIM: Do you enjoy where you are at right now career wise? Do you consider it that you are at the peak of your career?

Gia: “There is never a peak I think for creative people. That’s the beauty of being a film producer/director. Each project is a new high, new learning experience, new peak. Yes, I enjoy my life, enjoy what I do and really look forward to every new encounter and steps into the next project.”

MUIM: What more would you like to achieve despite your success?

Gia: “I’d like to direct more films that make this world a better place, films that either shed light onto situations, issues, or, inspire people. The other thing is that I’d like to help filmmakers out there to achieve their own success by giving them true knowledge about creating projects, financing and distributing them. Our company Hollywood Film Academy® has launched a podcast (YouTube, iTunes, Google Play) where I interview the most incredible industry professionals and Hollywood celebrities. We pass real, practical knowledge that I believe will help professionals all over the world.”

MUIM: What is your advocacy? Are you passionate about helping women or children? What charity would like you to be involved in?

Gia: “I’ve been very passionate about women’s rights. In fact, my latest feature film was on the subject of economically forced polygamy on women. That issue, unfortunately, is very present in many countries. It’s when wealthy men form additional families despite the fact that they have a legal wife. It’s truly damaging for both the legal wives and for younger generations of women. Young girls are growing up now not dreaming of true love anymore, they dream of “sugar daddies “ and those girls are future mothers. My film’s title is “My Husband’s Wife”. It was one of the front runners last year for the best foreign language category at the Golden Globes.”

MUIM: What are your motivations, or inspirations?

Gia: “My beautiful parents and children.Both of my parents have made a transition onto the other side but whenever I do something I often consult with them in my heart and spirit. My children are my joy and inspiration. I’m a very lucky mother and that’s a source of my everyday happiness.”

MUIM: How did you become a judge of “The World’s Best” talent show?

Gia: ”I am a head of an honorary consulate of Kazakhstan in Los Angeles. That is not a diplomatic position but it enables me to help build cultural bridges between the USA and Kazakhstan. One day I received a phone call from a CBS production team telling me about an upcoming show and that they were looking for an expert. They found my number on the official directory of honorary counsuls. They had no idea who I was, thinking I’m another diplomat. So I told them about myself and they obviously Googled my name and asked for references to make sure that I’m someone who’s known in Kazakhstan. And then I was offered this wonderful opportunity. The show was fun but the most amazing thing about it was that we, the 50 international judges, have truly become a family. We constantly talk and miss each other, we share pictures and videos and use every chance to get together. Every one of the judges are amazing accomplished professional. For example Philippines were represented by the gorgeous Pops Fernandez, who is just beautiful inside and out.”

MUIM: Through your life’s journey, what can you spare words of wisdom to your fans, to the world?

Gia: “Find your purpose by following your passion. Be patient, achieve your goals one step at the time. Love yourself and people unconditionally, and enjoy every moment of your life.”

With the grandson of the legendary Omar Sharif, Omar Sharif Jr

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