GAUKHAR “GIA” NOORTAS judge one of the global judges TV REALITY SHOW CBS “WORLD’S BEST!”

Friday February 1, 2019

By: Sonia Bermejo   Gaukhar Gia Noortas is a well recognized film producer, director, and actress from Kazakhstan. She is the founder of Hollywood Film Academy® (USA, Kazakhstan) and Mount Helix Films (USA). Gia also produced international film and cultural festivals. MUIM: Can you tell me a little something about you, where were came from, and, how was your childhood? Family background? Education? Gia: “I’m originally from Kazakhstan. Since my childhood was during the time it was with the Soviet Union, it definitely impacted my life. I’ve experienced oppression of my language, history, culture, spiritual beliefs of my nation,and literal military intervention. December 16- 18th 1996 were Independence Days for Kazakhstan. Then of course we lived through the hardships in the 1990s after the fall of Soviet Union when the newly formed independent Kazakhstan was building its economy. All of that made me and many others true survivors.” “I couldn’t be more proud of the family I grew up in. Both of my parents were renowned scientists. My mother,Alma, was a mathematician and my father,Negmet, was an earth scientist. We had thousands of books in our house and therefore, I grew up reading. My favorites were folk stories from all over the world, and books that would shed light onto history of many different nations. Since the age of 5 I was studying music, played violin and piano, later acquiring a Master’s degree in Music Science from Kazakhstan National Conservatory. Though I never worked as a musician, that vast knowledge always helps me in my current profession” MUIM: How do you describe yourself? Who/how did you get into film production. Did you get formal education in filmmaking? Gia: “I’m a learner, that’s my passion. I love to learn something new everyday. I’m a conversationalist, who...... Read more on Full Issue!

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