Consul General Adelio Angelito Cruz

Thursday June 1, 2017

"Eloquent Expressions of Love" (from the mouth of babes) Thank you Dad for everything that you have done. You have been there for us when we needed you and comforted us when we were feeling down. Throughout the years, we have been under your guidance and have been led through the right path. It is amazing how you could sacrifice so much for us without asking anything in return. You are our role model, our hero and our idol. We are very proud that you are our father. Happy Father’s Day. – Nathan, 19 He is my only caring and loving father. Whenever I have problems, he is always there to help me and always helps the family first before others. Even though he is sick, he is still determined to do something especially if something gets tough. As I grew, he taught me how to be a proper person and I which I am thankful to have a father like him. Having a father like him is like the hero of my family, and I and the apos are really grateful to learn new things from him. Happy Fathers Day, Dad! – Matthew, 16 To a father who treats me like a princess. He’s there to not pressure but to comfort. He works hard not for his wants, but for his family. He’ll sacrifice anything and everything for us because of his big heart. I can not say that he is the best father out there, but I can say that he is the best Dad I could ever have. – Nikki, 15...... Read more on Full Issue!

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