Saturday September 1, 2018

Current social convention amongst feminists dictates that beauty pageants are irrelevant in the modern world of gender equality. They claim that beauty pageants objectify women for their physical appearance rather than their mental prowess. There are several problems with this viewpoint. The most obvious is that not everyone can be brain surgeons or rocket scientists. Rather than seeing the opportunities which beauty pageants can provide, especially for girls from an impoverished background, feminists view them from their lofty idealistic pedestals. But they are not in uproar against bodybuilding competitions which are dominated by men. Winning a beauty pageant on its own won’t change someone’s life, but it provides a practical platform from which further one’s career. The title clearly indicates that the girl has popular appeal which is often noted by modelling agencies and talent scouts. Rather than objectifying women, beauty pageants celebrate femininity. There is not much difference between participating in a beauty pageant and when a woman dresses up, puts on make-up and goes out in public. If women didn’t care about public opinion on how they look, why bother putting on make-up and dress up in the first place? What is perplexing is that the feminists focus a lot of their ire towards beauty pageants when there are far more taxing issues relating to women’s rights. There is absolutely nothing wrong if someone wants to participate in a contest willingly as it harms no one apart from perhaps the sensibilities of the feminists. The irony of it all is that what they inadvertently object to is the freedom of choice and the empowerment of women, two things which they claim that they are fighting for....... Read more on Full Issue!

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