Tuesday January 1, 2019

Anthony Francisco, a Los Angeles based artist also known as the Visual Father of Baby Groot designed the Little Twig from “Guardians of the Galaxy” Vol.1 all the way to snarky Teen Groot in “Avengers: Infinity War”. He started his art career 18 years ago and has been involved in many projects in different stages of production. In 2012 Marvel Studios brought Anthony on board as a Senior Visual Development Artist to help shape the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He has designed some of the most iconic and memorable characters you see on screen. Characters like Loki for “Thor:Ragnarok”, directed by Taika Waititi and the costumes for The Dora Milaje, Okoye and Nakia for “Black Panther”, directed by Ryan Coogler, which has clearly made its mark on pop culture for years to come. His work has been featured in books and magazines around the world. His work on “Magic: The Gathering”, card game has been one of the favorites among fans. He recently won the silver award for best concept art in “Spectrum 25: The best in contemporary Fantastic Art”, published by Flesk. He is primarily sought after for his creativity and collaborative nature, he is now focusing those energies on his own projects which includes film, television, and, gaming industries, as well as paintings for future gallery exhibitions. n...... Read more on Full Issue!

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