Richie Anne SOLIVEN

Saturday September 1, 2018

Richie Anne Soliven – Rich with Aspirations to Reach the Stars Richie Anne Soliven was born July 3, 1999 in Baldwin, California to Lalaine and Richard Soliven. She has a brother named AJ. She describes herself as very girlish as a child, her favorite plush toy was Hello Kitty. She played the piano and the flute among other things. As with most Filipinos, she enjoys family gatherings and loves going to school.

At school, she makes new friends and learns new things and has been an important aspect of her life and shaped what she is today. A “fan” of the sciences, this made her a critical thinker to the world. She learned both values and beliefs through educational experiences from elementary, to middle and high school. She is still learning lessons through her college years. Growing up with problems like most all of us, she encountered them as they became harder. Given more responsibilities whether it be with house chores, dropping off and picking up her brother from school among others.

Even college became more difficult at times. It was a new environment and new experiences. But college is very much fun and quite what she anticipated. She can’t wait for more to come!

Currently attending UC Irvine, studying Biology she aspires to attend medical or graduate school. She hopes to someday make a name for herself in the medical field. Pushing towards becoming a Pediatrician, she is open to other options, positions in the field and landing a job where her goals and passions align.

To attain to her life mission and call something “mine” is the crux of her aspirations. That she devoted time and effort into it so it is something she can be proud of, and be able to ‘put her name’ on it, whatever it may be.

Above all, she wants to make her parents proud, to make them rest easy that she will care for them as they have greatly cared for her.

Moreover, she wants something that is selfrewarding and devoted to caring for others especially the ones who are not able to care for themselves in society. One of her life goals is to be able to make a positive difference in someone else’s life.

And what are on this aspiring young lady’s bucket list”

To travel the world with her loved ones to include visiting all US states;

Attend music festivals and concerts around the world;

Own a home;

Be financially stable;

Go cliff diving in Hawaii

What caps this list is to “Live with no regrets” What a rich life indeed, full of promise and aspirations. That is what our cover girl is into, a richer life with no regrets.

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