You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup (Let’s make February all about Self Care)

Friday February 1, 2019

Poverness 31 Woman By: Jhoanna De Guzman   If we pay close attention to what the flight attendant says before a plane takes off, it is, “Before you assist others, always put your oxygen mask on first. ”Well, that statement has such a huge impact on me but it doesn’t really register on a literary level. In my life, I’ve learned that helping others is almost impossible to achieve if you are going through a turbulence in your life. Self-care or self-love as others might call it, is such a confusing act often misunderstood by many. Some think that it is selfish while some think that it’s wonderful because it’s about self-preservation. Either way, I think that this “self care” scheme is something everyone should learn to adapt. Words are such a powerful tool to rev up someone’s mind into embracing a new idea, and If I would associate terms to ramp up our love for self-care, I would list the words such as these: ease, rest, mindfulness, gentle, slowing down, exploration, positive, outside, breathe, calm, centered, content, peace, confident, stable, happy, laugh, smile, relax, nourishment, gratitude, the list goes on. And this month, as we celebrate love, let’s not forget to do ourselves a favor and practice self-love first. We may do this through activities such as these: walk the dog, have a gratitude journal, eat healthy, meditate, go out more, declutter, read, watch a movie, buy flowers, water your plants, take a deep breath, talk to our loved ones, cook, smile, say no to something we don’t want to do and say yes to something we haven’t done before. All these are essential as we need to replenish our spirit, we have to be our own best friend and we have to learn...... Read more on Full Issue!

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