Saturday September 1, 2018

A few months ago, my good friend and I “stumbled” upon a quaint, relatively quiet oasis amidst the “Triangle”, a distinct slice of south Maui. The eclectic mix of pubs, digs and shops catering to both locals and visitors alike, this one distinct place allowed us the space and ambiance to simply enjoy the unpretentious but superb menu along with world class tap and nitro concoctions. Although we suffer from ails of various nature, the name of the place caught our attention. “What Ales You” the sandwich board said. Then came Hurricane Lane. As it is a stone’s throw from my place, I ventured out and not surprisingly found Kihei Road practically empty, Kalama Park was closed, businesses shuttered in anticipation of the brunt which made folks hunker down. Not to be disheartened, I chanced upon the only hopping place! It seemed like folks intuitively gathered at the only watering hole that remained open. Owners Derek, Cy the phenom chef among Maui’s elite and Jessica Thoma, at the helm managing the bar were practically forced to good, This magical triumvirate welcomed whoever walked in, not to turn away those of us who while away the weather and kept the pace and the place moving like clockwork. The ambiance is welcoming, some choose to stay in the cozy lanai, while others settled in the refreshing bar in air conditioned comfort. The bar food is beyond comfort food, their in house concocted sauces and hot sauce are to live for. This Taphouse as Derek calls it has ascended into the elite world of a Gastro Pub! Happy hour has both our “kamaaina”, or locals mingling with visitors from five star hotels simply savoring the best bar food and the best selection of both tap and nitro brews...... Read more on Full Issue!

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