WELCOME TO MY HOUSE Yamani Caliwara & her House of Yamani Collection

Wednesday January 1, 2020

Born and raised in the Philippines, it was apparent from a young age that Yamani Caliwara had a strong interest in the arts; be it design, beauty, fashion, and/or styling. Coming from a family with an already established background in the fashion industry, she perpetuated the family’s artistic affinity in earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design as well as Fashion Styling at the STYLE 2020 Academy. House of Yamani is a culmination of both Yamani’s training and experience in the fashion industry. The Yamani brand allows you to embody your own personal character along with whatever status and image you want to project. It does so through a combination of personalized hair, makeup, and wardrobe; a collaboration of fashion styling services. Ultimately, they make sure you look and dress for success in every occasion. House of Yamani offers several styling packages: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The packages include Closet Assessment, Special Occasion Styling, Travel Packing, Closet Organization, Personal Shopping, Hair and Makeup, Tailoring – and more! House of Yamani expanded the business and product offerings by adding a premiere collection inspired by Yamani’s own personal style, beauty, and glamour. These pieces are classic, in that everyone can wear them all year round. Alana Pine Alyssa Guevara Bichlien Nguyen Danielle Viray Elna Villaflor Heaven Kayla Sosin Model Jill Marucut Yamani Caliwara, the designer Jill Marucut, Kayla Sosin, Heather Ongpauco, Designer Yamani Caliwara, Danielle Viray and Alyssa Guevara...... Read more on Full Issue!

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