The Pump

Thursday June 1, 2017

Life is all about celebrations. Every month people gather around a table to celebrate some sort of occasion. One of the best hot spots to hang out and have a celebration is in WEHO (West Hollywood). I would recommend The Pump restaurant which is owned by the beautiful entrepreneur and celebrity, Lisa Vander Pump. The Pump is a new upscale American dining venue located on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood, California. If you’re looking to have lunch or dinner with an eclectic ambience in an outdoor setting, this is the place to be. It’s labeled as Los Angeles’ Sexiest restaurant. The Pump has been given recognition with a 2017 Diner’s choice Award. Walking into The Pump restaurant gives you that magical feeling, as if you were transported to a different world. What I love about this place is how it brings the outdoors indoors, the interior design and architectural elements which all put this dining place together. It’s got hundred year old trees, antique crystal chandeliers that adorn the trees and a bar area. There’s even an antique fountain surrounded by garden chairs and stools covered in burlap. Of course, this magical experience cannot be complete without the menu which offers a choice of dishes from around the world. Desserts which Chef Penny Davidi has created are to die for. The likes of which include cream puffs, chocolate ganache cake, delicate pink rose mousse and carrot cake. They’ve got a list of cocktails, but LVP Sangria is highly recommended. Overall, I would rate this restaurant an A+ for delicious, reasonably priced food and drinks, great ambience and excellent service. So if you want to get pumped....come dine at The Pump ....... Read more on Full Issue!

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