Wednesday July 1, 2020

Photos by Lorna Llanes

La Linda Ley celebrated her milestone birthday recently with a Studio 54-themed disco bash of epic proportions. The affair took place at the Marriott Hotel and was styled by Teddy Manuel. It was a fab evening filled with glittering disco balls, a massive LED dance floor, and glistening cages with captivating go-go dancers. Linda wore stunning Rajo Laurel creations while Manila’s finest arrived clad in wigs, bell bottoms, and sequined outfits. The Band “Spirit of ‘67” and DJ Jon Tupaz brought everyone back to the glory days of the disco era. It was truly a night to remember and a befitting birthday for a dancing queen of the Philippines.

Albert Andrada, Ricky Davao, Agile Zamora, Richard Tiu

Mark, Victor, Linda, Michael, & Arienne Ley

Alice Samson, Bob Miller, Ito Curata

JunJUn Ablaza & Czarina Syquia

Mariam Ong, Edwin Medalla, Merci Padolina, Yoli Ayson

CriseldaLontok, Mellie & Louie Ablaza

George Yano, Gerry Sunga, Albert Andrada, Viktor Pailla

Anne & Atty. Rene Puno, Ping Valencia, Becky Garcia

Aida Cobankiat, Sonny & Ruby Vergara, Merci Padolina, Joy

Marivic Vasquez, Helen& Beth Lee, Frannie Jacinto, Olivia Limpe

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