Monday May 1, 2023

As a journalist, you are afforded tremendous opportunities to interview some of the most fascinating people from different faculties; collegiate athletes, natural disaster survivors, celebrity housewives, scientists, legislative consultants, TEDx speakers, “World’s Most Influential” listees, published authors, Forbes-featured public figures – the list goes on. Imagine the impossibly gargantuan task of interviewing all of the above…in one person. Such an individual exists, and her name is Dr. Annabelle Manalo-Morgan. Having met Dr. Annabelle at a conference hosted by the Filipino American Chamber of Commerce of Greater LA (FACC-GLA), hearing her keynote speech championing the implementation of cannabinoids as standard medical practice was as inspiring as it was heartfelt. Her work has been widely published many times over. From being interviewed on CNN Philippines to the release of her Amazon best-selling book “Mighty Flower: How Cannabis Saved My Son”, the story of her then newborn son Macario suffering epileptic seizures, requiring brain surgery resulting in 38% of his left hemisphere being resected, a dismal prognosis serving as a catalyst for Dr. Annabelle to conduct her own expedited research, trials, and eventual administration of cannabidiol, allowing her son to not only survive – but thrive, is readily available and can (and should) be easily researched. But little is known about the equally impressive woman behind the science, and her story far extends beyond the already commendable “mother who would go to great lengths for their child” trope. I’VE A FEELING WE’RE NOT IN CANADA ANYMORE Born and raised in the Canadian Prairies, the Saskatchewan native sought greener pastures, so to speak. Upon graduating high school, she moved to Toronto in pursuit of her first love: basketball. While on an academic scholarship there, she was scouted to play ball in the United States. Landing in New Orleans, her...... Read more on Full Issue!

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