Sunday December 1, 2019

I am frequently associated with “fairy tale” couture dresses as a model. I love modelling these amazing creations but unfortunately they are not the most practical for everyday wear. So it might surprise those who know me that I would select Hespera Couture as a brand to watch out for. Founded by Petya Angelova, the brand ethos is focused on delivering high quality yet affordable casual and comfortable wear. Petya is an award winning designer with a degree in Fashion Design. Having started her career as a Garment Technologist, she progressed to work with renowned designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney and Christopher Raeburn. She now has over 20 years experience in the fashion industry at the highest level. She identified a clear gap in the market for high quality tailored garments at reasonable prices which led her to establish Hespera Couture. The style is funky and edgy with plenty of asymmetrical features. One can easily notice the influence of Vivienne Westwood but with the youthful zest of Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director of Balmain. Her garments could be described as casual elegant, sporty, practical, comfortable and fashionable. All her designs showcase a high degree of design that exudes femininity. Sometimes a bit quirky, yet trendy, Hespera Couture is definitely suitable for those who don’t like to follow the crowd. They who are proud of their individuality and not afraid to show their true self. What is so refreshing is that her ready-to-wear line delivers the same quality as her couture outfits but at a fraction of the cost. As each line has very limited production, it guarantees nearly the same exclusivity as one of her couture creations. If you are looking for unique high quality casual wear without breaking the bank, Hespera Couture is...... Read more on Full Issue!

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