Wednesday July 1, 2020

LET’S PARTY by AGILE ZAMORA   The CONSULAR BALL, otherwise known as the “Ambassadors and Consuls Ball”, took place at the Makati Shangri-La Ballroom. The event is an annual Ball which serves as an outing for the cities finest Diplomat, Consul and Ambassador residents. Present company and I make it a point not to miss the last ball of the year! Who would want to sit out dancing the night away in a lush setting to a live band while watching DJs drop their beats? DJ Boyet Javelona Sison did not disappoint while on deck; surveying his surroundings and playing to the vibe accordingly. With all of the moving and grooving, one easily forgot that it was a sit-down dinner that offered loads of raffle prizes. Many of my friends in tow won the raffle prizes – all except me! Despite this, it was a great party and continues to be every year. While I did not win a prize, I felt like a winner as I left contented after closing down the party at 1.am…much like last year. Guess we’ll just have to give it another go come 2020’s ball! Ambassador Gerard Ho & Consul Fortune Ledesma Gigi Yonzon, Lilian Ang & Tiffany Cuña Emmy Gonzales, Kitty Doll & Baby Tan Mayenne Carmona, Susan Campos & Ningning de Ocampo Robina Tan & Rosenthal Tee Roy Lopez, Carol Mercado & Michelle Lim Maru Go, Chris Badiola and Agnes Huibanhoa Lilibeth Campos, Hera Geriene & Marissa Fenton Consul Annette Ablan Ofelia Wadle & Elsie Pascua John Gaddi & Becky Garcia...... Read more on Full Issue!

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