Monday August 1, 2022

Bold yet subtle. Flamboyant. Controversial. Subdued. Rebellious. These are just some of the terms associated with Jose Luis “Cocoy” Cordoba. Regardless of the descriptors, the name of the famed interior designer is without a doubt synonymous with avant garde, having made a name for himself in his teen years – even before graduating from college in the mid-70s. Although renowned for his resorts and boutique hotels, those only encapsulate 10% of his repertoire. 90% of his projects are residences: private homes and condos. Now as a professional interior designer, Cocoy was taught to follow the designing code of ethics, which entails meeting his clients’ preferences halfway. His role is to act as a guide, giving preference to his clients’ satisfaction over his own desires. That being said, to protect his own credibility, if 50% of his own vision is not met, he simply drops the project. While unorthodox, this approach has led to Cocoy being highly sought after. During initial meetings, he asks his clients specific questions about their preferences in color and style, what their likes and dislikes are, and of course, their expectations. “It is important to me that the plan is carefully executed,” he explains, “that needs to end in extreme, overwhelming results with an expression of gratitude from the client.” Ever the collaborator, Cocoy is used to adjusting his style to meet his clients’ preferences in themes. Similarly, this has lead him to easily accommodate the changing phases of home furnishings, similar to the transitions seen in fashion and art. He prides himself on his flexibility and awareness of current trends. Keeping his finger on the pulse, “During the 80s, the trending designs were either Oriental or European. By the 90s, [they] were Mediterranean or Ralph Lauren. [They] were the IN...... Read more on Full Issue!

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