Wednesday December 1, 2021

We both had always wondered what the term “The Luck o’ the Irish” meant, and we got to experience it firsthand when we were personally invited to the magical world of Belleek Castle in the heart of Ireland. Our fascinations with the green country began as a child with the breakfast cereal “Lucky Charms” and its commercials of the leprechaun chasing the pot o’ gold. It continued into adulthood with the blockbuster movies PS, I Love You and Leap Year. Ireland quickly rose to the top of our bucket list of places we had to visit. Our journey began with a quick stop in Dublin so that we could explore the old world charm of this capitol city. We selected a hotel in the main area of Stephen’s Green, which placed us in the heart of the districts; renowned for shopping, fashion, art, culture, theater and of course we cannot forget – the infamous pubs – each with its own eclectic personality. Our hotel and suite was immersed with charm and character, neatly tucked away on the famed Grafton Street. Gown and Out in Beverly Hills We spent the afternoon strolling in the Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, an outdoor/indoor high end shopping area, where every international fashion brand can be found. It is also an area with historic pubs, where locals and tourists venture out to find the perfect Guinness. We celebrated our arrival that night with a traditional Irish dinner at The Old Mill, located in the cultural center, known as the infamous Temple Bar. This area is visited daily by millions of tourists, so when you find your way here, you feel the pulse of Dublin. Our meal consisted of fish & chips and lamb shank, recommended by the chef, as our way...... Read more on Full Issue!

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