Confessions of an IKEA-holic

Friday September 1, 2017

My name is Angel… and I am an ‘IKEAholic’

I tried to ignore the signs, passing it off as a fluke. I told myself, “it will pass…. I’ll eventually get tired of it – or be broke (the latter being more likely).” Yet all justifications and attempts to curb my urges left me wanting (needing) more. And that’s when I knew – I’m officially an ikeaholic.

They say the only way to deal with addiction is to face it head-on. I have the “home-court” advantage because I’ll be talking about the ikea-showroom floor that we had turned our new home into. So hang onto your POANG chair as we confront this compulsion peace by peace.

addiction signs started to surface. In a span of 15 days, my loyal and equally IKEA-addicted accomplice and I, did the following. If you’ve done at least five of these, you’re on your way to getting hooked – you’ve been warned.


1. Made four separate trips to Ikea: one for just looking around and the other three are, well you know – “stocking-up on stash.”
2. Had sleepless nights browsing and adding items to my Ikea online cart.
3. Having known by heart which furniture belonged to the Ekby and the Lack series.
4. Having memorized the aisles and bins of our favorite items – or carrying a pocket journal in case we forgot.
5. Imagined what a wonderful world it would be if everything was made out of the Algot system.
6. Craved for Swedish meatballs even after eating it twice in one week.
7. Turned my Pinterest into an Ikea online catalogue.
8. Pinned all the boards on Pinterest containing Ikea hacks.
9. Repeatedly flipped through the pages of our IKEA catalogs and still got awe-stricken every time.
10. Spent every single day at home assembling, drilling and installing shelves and going back to Ikea to buy more shelves (shout-out to my very patient husband).
11. Set a goal to one day purchase the leather sectional sofa that costs a month’s rent.
12. Left the house without taking a shower because we were in a hurry to get to the store – to claim the last piece of Veberbοd room divider (note: they are temporarily oversold).
13. Took a day off from work to spend a five-hour-quality time at our favorite store.
14. Stared at the walls of our home (for an hour) envisioning the wall gallery I’m building out of Ribba frames.
15. Smiled at our empty fridge but frowned at what little wall space we have left to hang more Algot systems.
16. Taught our dog to speak I-K-E-A (Just kidding. They already know how to do that).

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