Bea Alonso’s Beauty Regimen at Aivee Institute

Friday February 1, 2019

Walk my Way BY: Mayenne Carmona   It was a very busy afternoon at the Aivee Institute in BGC as it was “Dr. Aivee Day”, meaning, the good doctor was present for consultation and treatments. She spreads her days among her other clinics in Alabang, MegaMall and soon in QC. While waiting for my turn to consult with her, I caught sight of a svelte, beautiful young woman walking towards one of the treatment rooms. So as not to appear so obviously curious, I waited for her to enter the room before I satisfied my curiosity. “ Who is she? She is so attractive! Her skin is tight and smooth, what are her treatments? Her body looks toned, how can I achieve that too? “. My questions came out like bullets from a machine gun. “I will have what she is having” I declared with conviction. This remark made the receptionists and a lady doctor break into laughter. After the laughter had died down, the lady doctor who was present replied “She is Bea Alonso, the star of the hit movie “Kasal!”. Today, she is having Venus Freeze, one of her favorite treatments. Other days, she does the Jet Peel Infusion Therapy or sometimes she has the Revive Facial”. I took note of her beauty treatments so I could ask Dr. Aivee what is good for my skin. I am constantly bothered with “melasma” which appears on my cheeks when I go under the sun. Dr. Aivee explained that these may be Bea’s preferred treatments for the moment but they can change in a few months when more cuttingedge beauty machines come into the picture. Being in the beauty business, Dr. Aivee is aware that movie stars owe it to their adoring fans to look...... Read more on Full Issue!

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