Jessica Duhay

In this hot summer day, as we join Jessica Duhay on her photo shoot for the cover of the August 2017 issue of Manila Up International Magazine. Jessica takes a break from her photo shoot in Alta Dena to do a little interview with us.

Turning almost 18 years old in early August, blossoming into a beautiful, talented young lady Jessica Duhay who stands 5’8” tall and a resident of Chula Vista, San Diego, has achieved so much at a very early age. She finished high school a semester early.

Jessica Duhay’s love for the arts with singing and dancing as her talent have opened doors to a lot of opportunities. She took voice lessons at age 8. She participated in the school choir. She performed all over Southern California. She’s been active on charitable and fundraising events, social functions and other humanitarian projects. Jessica Duhay received a Filipino-American Youth Achiever’s Award for her achievement in academics in singing by the Filipino-American Humanitarian Foundation in 2012. Jessica has helped a non-profit organization raised funds for people in the Philippines. Jessica has received numerous certificates from dignitaries and politicians due to her community service.

2012 was also a year she became singing champ in her age category. This singing stint paved way to her recording an original composition as part of her prize. Jessica has a CD released with 4 original songs in English and Tagalog by composer SJ Candia. She’s performed with such stars or musical artists like Stephen Bishop, Poon, Aiza Seguerra, Regine Velazquez and among other great artists alike…

Jessica Duhay is not only a singer, artist, but a former beauty title holder. She won the titles of Miss North Hollywood Teen USA 2014-2015, Miss West Coast Teen USA 2016 held last August 24, 2015 at Morgan-Wixson Theatre in Santa Monica CA. She placed as finalist twice and 2nd runner up in Miss California Teen USA. Among other past titles and awards are 2nd Runner up of Little Miss Philippines-Universe 2011, Miss American Starlet Regional Queen of 2011, Miss Teen Fiesta Filipiniana 2012 and Miss Teen Philippines San Diego 2013.

Jessica has also done various modeling shows with well known designers like Kenneth Barlis, Jessica Faulkner, Andre Soriano and Alexis Monsanto. She has also done print modeling, which got her to be a “Bench USA” model for the first ever fashion show in October 2013.

Jessica Duhay’s goal and passion is to influence and serve as an inspiration to young women and men. She hopes to one day perform as an artist, singing and modeling. She hopes to do the catwalk at the runways of New York. Whatever she does in general, she really wants to come across as someone who shows the meaning of life in general. Ever since, she was a little kid, she absolutely loves singjng. Music is her passion and is working on creating an album that will be released sometime in mid 2018. It will mostly be alternative, pop, genre kind of music. She’s planning on taking music therapy in college which she combines two passions with one career.

In all this past pageantry, what makes Jessica Duhay stand out from the rest of the candidates?… Jessica thinks that when it comes to pageantry what stands out the most is showing beauty beyond looks. We’re so caught up in looking a certain way, fitting a certain size. It’s so much more than that. We show beauty through our confidence, through our self esteem, interviews and our Q&A’s. I think that should come across young women.

When asked if she’ll ever join a pageant again?… her answers always with a smile on her face. Jessica replied that she’s keeping her options open. Maybe if she’s still a Miss she will compete again. We just never know what offers or opportunities might come along. Whatever happens, happens.

This has been such an amazing afternoon getting to know the real Jessica Duhay. A beauty and brains person all packaged in one. Stay tuned for her upcoming music album in 2018. Thank you Jessica Duhay for gracing the cover of Manila Up International Magazine.

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