HEALING KRYSTAL : The Right Mind, Body, and Soul

Wednesday January 1, 2020

By: Naiia Lajoie Cover photo by Mario Arcena   Recent online articles and social media advertising show that alternative medicine – crystals specifically – are “trending”. Sought after for their magical properties and kept close for their healing powers, precious metals, semi-precious stones, and even natural occurring magnets have been coveted for medicinal purposes for several millennia. But is there a true science to this phenomenon, or is it simply “mind over matter”? The same thought process surrounding a piece of healing limestone can also be applied to the limelight. Celebrity status can be equal parts invigorating, while also fleeting, draining, and trending. Just ask Krystal von Seyfried – and just like her crystal namesake, she is equal parts grounded scholar, charged model, and earthy mystic. Krystal is a half Filipina-half German model born and raised in Los Angeles’ Koreatown. Her mother is a Filipina from Balut in the Tondo district of Manila, while her father is of German ancestry from Munich. Coming from what she considers a happy childhood, Krystal went through what she deems as her “ugly phase” during middle school, where she had a penchant for history, mythology, and anthropology. To this day, the self-proclaimed nerd is passionate about spirituality and metaphysics. Her upbringing and employment echo this; she grew up shrouded in Catholicism and works part-time at a jewelry store office that specializes in sustainable artisan jewelry in Downtown LA’s Jewelry District. Constantly surrounded by crystals, it is no wonder she identifies as an “energy worker”, trying to keep herself pure by avoiding any body modifications such as tattoos or surgeries (which is no easy feat in Los Angeles, let alone the entertainment industry). Based on her beliefs and personal experiences, she is particularly against what is dubbed the “sugar baby”...... Read more on Full Issue!

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