On a beautiful afternoon in Los Angeles, under the Provence hues of bright yellow and blue awning of iconic Le Petit Four restaurant Fabio sat to chat in an interview with Manila Up! International magazine.

FABIO, known worldwide for his countless romance novel covers is an Italian-American whose full name is Fabio Lanzoni.

He has delighted millions as a model, actor and spokesman who appeared widely as the object of desire in the vicarious world of romance.

Having worked pretty much of his life, it comes as no surprise that he has busied himself with numerous projects. He is up for a big movie in 2018 aside from promoting his own line of health nutrition products among which he claims is the cleanest and best protein powder in the world.

But all work and no play is not a healthy option. F stands for Fabulous Fabio and Fun! He takes time off to enjoy his beautiful cars and motorcycles. With a lot of dinner invitations and travel in between, he knows how important it is to maintain a balance.

When asked how he made it to the top, he believes, “there is only one God and then, there’s you”.

“Be comfortable with yourself, and balance work responsibilities. Relax, travel, and spend time with family and friends.”

“Live your present time as much as you can at full extent”, he continues, “ you don’t waste your present, that way you can also live to have a future”.

Additionally, he knows that being the best of yourself, whatever job you do is easier than trying to be someone else. Otherwise, you are just an imitation, limiting yourself to be the person that, who knows?, could be great! God created us to be original and he can prove it scientifically. Scientists have discovered that every single person has a different cell from everybody else. But the media is always trying to categorize everyone. They put you in a box to look like this, and into another box to talk like this, etc. Try as you may, no one is exactly like you, maybe share similarities, but even identical twins are not the same.

Fabio thinks that in life, no matter how we want something really bad, that it sometimes never happens because that’s how the universe works. You have to let it be. Let it go. When he was a kid, he was an athlete, and later on became a professional skier and was into track and field. He never thought about becoming a model. But one day, as he was working out at the gym preparing for a ski race, a guy suddenly appeared asking to photograph him. He happened to be the “biggest” photographer in Europe. The opportunity fell on his lap. And he was just doing his thing, exercising to compete, it led to modeling. “That’s how the universe works, you just have to go with the flow”.

His foundation is simple, God. Fabio keeps building up. He continues to share a passion with his Dad, off roading and motor cross, doing what inspires and motivates him in life. He keeps going knowing he can build not just a one storey building but an entire city with only one word, God!

Life is a growing process, we are not perfect, and although people think they know it all, we learn something new every day. There are some that can shock you. But he lives a beautiful, happy life, again, with God as his foundation, it’s free. It does not cost a thing. “Try…in life, there are two things – belief and faith”. When he asks people how much they “believe”, most say 90%. 100% is enough, but the only way to believe is infinitely. It is only when one has infinite faith and belief will life change, that way, you will see a miracle. Everybody knows about miracles, which happen out there. Fear is the biggest enemy, it works against you. When you fall, you get up, shake it off and keep going. You learn from mistakes, you go on in life and become a better person, stronger and more spiritual.

Proverbs have been around for thousands of years. History repeats itself, mankind makes history and that’s why mankind keeps making the same mistakes over and over. “You don’t have to be a psychic to see the future”, Fabulous Fabio concludes. n (Manila Up! International magazine would like to acknowledge Carlos, Manager of “Le Petit Four” at Sunset Blvd., and his staff for graciously accommodating us for this interview).

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