Tuesday December 1, 2020

By: SAMANTHA GOH SUGAR QUEEN   In 2016, TKS Mrs. International was officially recognized as one of the top ten most relevant international women’s pageants. It is also the year when I represented Malaysia to compete in an international beauty pageant in Singapore. Since winning the title of Mrs. Asean in 2016, I have not looked back. It was a significant chapter of my life because I had the chance to promote international charitable events, as well as be a judge and mentor to women in different parts of the world. Six months ago, the 13th Mrs. International pageant took place in Singapore. It was a significant event that I attended before the coronavirus pandemic hit the world. My heart goes out to all of those who have lost their dear ones. Today life is gradually returning to a new normal and I am glad to share this event with everyone. TKS N Sons Pte Ltd, established in Singapore in 1975, is a name that is synonymous in the beauty pageant industry, both locally and regionally. Since 2006, it has successfully hosted hundreds of national and international glamour events. TKS Mrs. International Pageant was founded by Ms. Beverly Tan, a trained psychologist who worked closely with children and their mothers for many years, as a teacher. The concept of the pageant is the celebration of the 3M’s: Marriage, Maturity, and Motherhood. The TKS Mrs. International signature crown reminds every titleholder who wears it to have a compassionate heart for the less fortunate, especially the elderly. The crown is therefore known as the Crown of Compassion. Charitable activities are always encouraged to promote the dignity and value of seniors. The beauty pageant is a combination of selecting the grand winners from 40 Singaporean finalists, and 25 International...... Read more on Full Issue!

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