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In 2016, TKS Mrs. International was officially recognized as one of the top ten most relevant international women’s pageants. It is also the year when I represented Malaysia to compete in an international beauty pageant in Singapore. Since winning the title of Mrs. Asean in 2016, I have not looked back. It was a significant chapter of my life because I had the chance to promote international charitable events, as well as be a judge and mentor to women in different parts of the world.

Six months ago, the 13th Mrs. International pageant took place in Singapore. It was a significant event that I attended before the coronavirus pandemic hit the world. My heart goes out to all of those who have lost their dear ones. Today life is gradually returning to a new normal and I am glad to share this event with everyone.

TKS N Sons Pte Ltd, established in Singapore in 1975, is a name that is synonymous in the beauty pageant industry, both locally and regionally. Since 2006, it has successfully hosted hundreds of national and international glamour events. TKS Mrs. International Pageant was founded by Ms. Beverly Tan, a trained psychologist who worked closely with children and their mothers for many years, as a teacher. The concept of the pageant is the celebration of the 3M’s: Marriage, Maturity, and Motherhood.

The TKS Mrs. International signature crown reminds every titleholder who wears it to have a compassionate heart for the less fortunate, especially the elderly. The crown is therefore known as the Crown of Compassion. Charitable activities are always encouraged to promote the dignity and value of seniors.

The beauty pageant is a combination of selecting the grand winners from 40 Singaporean finalists, and 25 International delegates. The finalists are categorized in their age groups, wherein the Elite Mrs. are aged 46 and above, the Mrs. are aged 25 to 45 years old, and Ms. are single women who are 25 years and above. Last year I had the chance to be one of the judges for the Singaporean Mrs. category. During the interviews with the Mrs. Singapore finalists, I was very impressed, as most of the finalists showed beauty and confidence. From CEOs to full-time mothers, their career, talents, and compassion for charity were top class.

To make the pageant more poignant, for the first time this year, TKS honoured those who have served their communities by introducing a Senior Mrs. Singapore category. The oldest contestant was an 80-year-old great grandmother, making this event a truly special one.

Over 20 international delegates flew to Singapore for this TKS Pageant. Representatives included those from the USA, Korea, Japan, Nepal, Europe, Fiji, New Zealand, Africa, Philippines, Myanmar, India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. All delegates were welcomed at the Changi Airport and taken to the Orchid Country Club, where they would stay throughout the pageant. A welcome dinner party, with the theme of International Festivals, awaited all contestants in the resort.

The 9-day schedule included trips to neighbouring countries, interviews with judges, and 2 red carpet gala dinners held in the Grand Ballroom of the Orchid Country Club. It was a week filled with cultural exchange, learning, and the sharing of experiences wherein delegates formed close bonds and friendships with one another.

On Day 2, the contestants travelled from Singapore to Kota Tinggi in Malaysia. After sunset, they took a boat ride to watch fireflies twinkle in the mangrove forest of the Kota Tinggi Firefly Park. The next day the delegates were taken for a tour to Yong Peng, a town in the Batu Pahat district; centre of Johor state in Malaysia. Yong Peng is known for its Chinese temples and FuZhou style cuisine, given most of its residents are Chinese who migrated from the southern parts of China. Delegates had the chance to immerse themselves in the FuZhou-style cuisine.

Day 4 was a day trip to Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya, the largest Buddhist temple in Batam, steeped in history and belief. A short 45-minute ferry ride from Singapore, Batam is the largest city in the province of the Riau Islands, Indonesia. This was followed by lunch and a cultural show presented by local dancers. The next day they crossed the border from Singapore to Johore Bahru for a city tour. After some shopping they travelled to Desaru where they enjoyed a stroll along the famous beach. Day 6 was a pajama party, where contestants could let loose and show their fun sides.

Day 7 was the day where the delegates were judged in the fitness and talent rounds. All contestants had the chance to perform their talents onstage, and the Top 5 were chosen to perform on the grand finale night. Subsidiary title awards were presented to the 2019 delegates at the red carpet gala dinner. Business entrepreneurs from Singapore and other countries were awarded the 6th Annual Singapore’s TKS International Golden Brand Awards 2019. On top of the business awards, there were the 13th Annual TKS Lady of Excellence Awards 2019. As the title suggests, women from all over the world who excelled in their respective fields received the prestigious award. I was one of the lucky few who was bestowed the Lady of Excellence in 2018.

Special mention was made for 2 beautiful delegates from Borneo, East Malaysia. The first was Datin Cleopatra Asing, our contestant from Borneo who was awarded Elite Mrs. Borneo International Ambassador 2019. The other was Esther Moo, Elite Mrs. Boneo International Ambassador 2018. Both ladies received the Lady of Excellence 2019 for their excellent work in charity.

After a week of travels and cultural exchange, the most important day for the contestants had arrived. The prejudging round took place in the morning, where contestants were interviewed by a panel of judges. Then at 6PM the Grand Finale Coronation started. The contestants illuminated the night with their presence, traditional costumes, and evening gowns.

The international traditional costumes category kicked-off with a talented singer from Thailand, who sang “Phantom of the Opera” with style. It was Krue Guang who choreographed the contestants for the grand finale, and is the owner of Centrestage; a model, dance, and acting academy in Bangkok.

Delegates paraded their costumes on the red carpet and waved their flags with pride onto the stage. This culminated in the grand finale, which was a mix of tradition and fun. Eyes lit-up for the tallest entrant from the USA, when she wore a creative costume with American Flag designs in the Ms. category. At six feet tall, she looked like wonder woman. Another fellow American, Mrs. USA wore a similar red, white, and blue costume with a silver headpiece similar to the famous Statue of Liberty. The team from Japan wore colourful Kimonos embroidered with cherry blossoms. Mrs. Korea looked lovely in a traditional Hanbook. Elite Mrs. Phillipines wore a gorgeous Barong Tagalog costume with her beautifully beaded umbrella. Mrs. Africa wore a vibrant red dress with a matching headdress. Mrs. Fiji wore a two-piece white Sulu dress. Mrs. Thailand wore a golden costume with a matching gold headpiece. All contestants looked spectacular onstage with their versions of traditional costumes.

Mrs. Malaysia, Previtha Rajah, clinched the Best Traditional Costume Award with her magnificent colourful rendition of Che Siti Wan Kembang. The Keris she wore symbolizes sovereignty, as Che Siti ruled the state of Kelantan in the 17th Century. Today Che Siti is known as the only female to rule a state in the history of Malaysia and South East Asia. The traditional costume category is my favorite part of the pageant because I get to see the interpretation of the costumes from each country.

The event was Graced by the presence of the Royal Family of Yogarkarta, Indonesia; the cousins of the King himself. Other performances of the night included local singers and dancers from Singapore, as well as the talented singer Aries Concepcion from the Philippines.

In terms of colours, the 2-night gala dinners started with contrasting red and black for a vibrant beginning, with the grand finale ending in refined pastel colours. It all culminated with Mrs. Europe winning the title of Mrs. International in a golden glittering gown that stole the show.

The winners of 2019 for each category were:

Mrs. International from Europe

Mrs. Asia Pacific from Malaysia

Mrs. Asean from Korea

Mrs. South East Asia from Singapore

Elite Mrs. International from the USA

Ms. International from the Philippines

A celebration lunch was organized for the winners and all of the contestants before they headed to the airport. I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to Ms. Beverly Tan, founder of this beauty pageant, who has inspired and nurtured me to become what I am today in the international pageant industry. As we all know, 2020 is being confronted with the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Hopefully by the end of the year restrictions will be eased and the pageant will be held as scheduled. Needless to say, I am looking forward to the grand finale of the next 14th TKS Mrs. International Pageant.


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