Wednesday January 1, 2020

Mutya Pilipinas one of the longest running beauty pageants in the Philippines established in 1968 a grassroots-based national organization relaunched its brand with a new team headed by its President, Cory Quirino, media celebrity and a veteran in beauty pageantry. It was a year of success for Team Mutya with all its queens winning and placing in international competitions. Their roster of 2019 queens were: Klyza Castro, Mutya Pilipinas - Miss Asia Pacific International Louise Janica Arroyo, Mutya Pilipinas - Overseas Communities April May Short, Mutya Pilipinas - World Top Model Tyra Rae Goldman, Mutya Pilipinas - Miss Tourism International Cyrille Payumo, Mutya Pilipinas - 1st Runner Up Maxine Rangel, Mutya Pilipinas - 2nd runner Up Kylza Castro finished Top 25 in the Manila-based Miss Asia Pacific International while April May Short made it to Top 12 in the World Top Model Competition in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Cyrille Payumo who placed 1st runner up in the local pageant was sent to Miss Tourism International held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Cyrille was crowned Miss Tourism International 2019-2020. Meanwhile, Tyra Goldman is presently in Hurghada, Egypt to represent the Philippines in the Top Model of the World Competition on January 24. It is interesting to note that all the Mutya queens are representative of the national scope and reach of Mutya Pilipinas. Castro is from Davao, Payumo from Pampanga, Short from Zamboanga, Rangel from Batangas and An from California for the Overseas Filipino Communities. The most pleasant of surprises came with the sudden decision to send Cyrille Payumo to the Miss Tourism International pageant. Ms. Payumo’s victory catapulted her to the level of victorious Filipinas who won in international pageants. Moreover, in 2019 she holds the distinction of having delivered the only international crown to the Philippines....... Read more on Full Issue!

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