Monday August 1, 2022

Covering “A Salute to Philippine Fashion” at the OKADA MANILA GRAND BALLROOM. This prestigious and grandest event-of-the-year is from RICHARD HIÑOLA & MS. VIRGIE G MONTON; a businesswoman, TV host/producer, and philanthropist. The duo are the founders of the illustrious awards Model Mom Philippines, Outstanding Men and Women of the Year Philippines, Philippine Faces of Success, Philippine Best Quality Brand, Philippine Empowered Men and Women of the Year, as well as Philippines Social Media Best Brand of the Year. This fashion event focused on stepping-up the ingenuity and talent of Filipino designers in the local and international fashion scene. “A Salute to Philippine Fashion” honored and paid tribute to the enduring fashion icons and style mavens (as well as the ones we’ve lost), along with the current crop of prolific designers making waves in the local and global arenas. “A Salute to Philippine Fashion” included three special segments. The 1st segment centered on a “Runway For Hope”, whose models included socialites, beauty queens, and celebrities involved in charity projects. The 2nd segment featured a collection of renowned local and international designers. The 3rd segment was the “Young Designers Circle Competition” in collaboration with Designers Circle of the Philippines; featuring one-of-a-kind creations using Philippine textiles. This third and finale segment was the proclamation of the Philippine Fashion Circle Awardees for the Year 2022....... Read more on Full Issue!

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