A Love Story Angelique Dionela and Jon Andrada

Wednesday July 1, 2020

My husband Jon and I started as college friends at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde in 2007. We studied on the same campus but never crossed paths. I had taken up a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design while Jon took up Multimedia Arts, and our classes never ran parallel. One day, a friend of Jon’s became a classmate of mine. This friend even became one of my suitors, but fate had other plans.

After I had turned his friend down, I received a personal message from Jon via Yahoo! Messenger. It was a slow but steady build-up from there. We first met each other in person during a car exhibit in ‘One Esplanade’ for a school event. At this point he had been courting me for a year, but I was not accustomed to the confusing Millennial way of dating so I did not even realize it! He focused on gaining the trust and respect of my mother, but sometimes things just don’t work out the way we want them to. In December of 2007 he stopped his pursuit.

He had only been in my life for a year of courtship, and yet without him I already felt incomplete. It was then that I realized that I liked him, and this liking urged me to make things official with him before it was too late. That decision changed my life. I had welcomed the most wonderful man into my life. He transformed me into a better person; teaching me how to be responsible, just, and consistent in doing what was right. From the start, we were always willing to make it work and last. So even though we had our differences, acceptance was not difficult because we respected each other. If there are hindrances in our relationship, we CHOOSE to NOT make it a hindrance by focusing on each other always. As time passed we graduated from college and started working in our respective professions. I kept working my way up as an industrial designer. However, as we were becoming competitive in our own professions, halfway through he decided that he wanted to work in America for our future, while I stayed here in the Philippines as an Industrial designer who worked for three different companies.

It was difficult for both of us because of the difference in time zones and work hours. I was only able to visit him twice during his four years in the USA. The longdistance relationship (LDR) was actually quite difficult, so we took it seriously by openly communicating even if it was not as frequent as we were accustomed to. Sometimes, we would just leave messages for each other whenever we had the time, and would call each other when we both had the time off. During those years, we learned that money cannot buy you happiness, and we should be more appreciative of the little things in life. He may have been earning more abroad, but we didn’t find it worth the sacrifices that we’d made for our relationship. So with that, he decided to return home and stay with me, here together.

We may not have survived throughout those years if we did not trust each other enough. I believe that it was an important aspect of our relationship that we started as friends first because knowing each other platonically showed us who we were in and outside of the relationship.

After all the hardships we went through from when we first met in college, through family, through career, we have decided to settle down and finally get married. After more than a decade in a relationship and almost half of it in an LDR, we finally had our happily ever after by being wedded as of December 2019. I am proud to say that our little family has grown as we are expecting our first child. I am looking forward to this chapter of our lives and the hardships that we will conquer as we grapple with the demands of raising our baby together.

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