Thursday July 1, 2021

Afternoon chat with CONSUL GENERAL EDGAR BARRAIRO BADAJOS By: Melody Garcia “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is...What are you doing for others”? -Martin Luther King, Jr. I’ve met many leaders from different sectors and enterprises. It’s always such an honor that, when in that path, you meet someone who embodies authentic and transparent leadership – especially when they come from a heart-centered space with a clear vision and mission. In this case, a legacy impact on a global scale. Meet Consul General Edgar Barrairo Badajos, who assumed his post as Consul General of the Philippines Consulate in Los Angeles in April 2021. We talked about life and service. We talked about the Bayanihan Spirit, and we talked about what matters. In a world of saturated leadership titles, here is one of the humblest leaders with a presence felt, seen, and heard that is deeply filled with wisdoms beyond academia and honors beyond goal achievements. Let’s dive in: MG: Tell me a little bit about your life that led you to the path of becoming a Consulate General? That deepest adversity that placed you in this journey of impact. ConGen: OK well let’s begin with the personal Life. The main driving force behind motivation for me to really try and succeed in everything that I do in life is my humble beginnings. I came from a family with modest means, and growing up there was always a shortage of practically everything around the household; shortage of food, clothing and materials for school. So that was really the motivation for this humble representation to succeed, and therefore I thought that early on the only key for me to succeed in life is through education. And that’s what I did. That’s the number one adversity to overcome; all these...... Read more on Full Issue!

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