Friday December 1, 2023

By GILDA PINEDA DIONELA KINGDOM ADVENTURE Yay! Manila Up celebrated its 8th year Anniversary. I remembered the first time, Sonia Bermejo mentioned her plan about publishing a magazine, I thought how brave she was to embark to another horizon. I was ecstatic to be part of it. What Manila Up meant to me? As we grow older, life becomes more complicated. The more challenges we faced, we metamorphosed into a being with beautiful colors, writing for Manila Up flashed one shade of attractive colors in me. I was able to convey my deepest thoughts, beliefs that I prayed and hope to enlighten the readers too. My life in the United Kingdom is a roller coaster ride, sometimes scary and sometimes full of fun. I am an engineer (should I use was since I do not practice it anymore but no, it is who I am). Engineers are normally not passionate about words or telling a story but Manila Up opened the door for me to discover I can tell a story. That is one of the visions of Manila Up for the reader to enjoy the roller coaster ride of their life. There is more than the scary part. Eight years and counting!!! Congratulations to all of us!!!...... Read more on Full Issue!

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