Meet our latest Contributing Columnist: Mr. Donald Ward

Friday December 1, 2023

Introducing Donald Ward and his new column titled “What if?” When asked what this man does, he will respond with “Viceroy” as one of 50 responses he gives when asked to describe his role on planet Earth. “Agent of Change” – just not small change. In 1980, after 4 years in land track development, and 4 in the auto industry right out of school, he was one of the 5 men to truly build the foundation for the indoor tanning industry. TanSeekers International, Inc. set up over 630 tanning salons in 48 states in the U.S. In 1985, he helped found 3 trade magazines all still in business to this day. And he cofathered the trade association known as S.A.E. (Suntanning Association for Education). He Lectured for 20 years while very involved with 7 salons of his own in the Ocean City, MD area and Washington D.C. metro area. He is full-time involved in radio, a fulltime dad, has played racquetball competitions for 27 years, and is a musician/song writer among others. His pursuit of Godly wisdom began in 1997. He has been mentoring since then; hundreds of CEOs, speakers, pastors, professionals, and socially responsible entrepreneurs. He has been the state director of CEOSPACE for 4 years and the state director of CEOCLUBS for 4 years (along with CEO of Master Mind Groups). His mantra is “One is led by mentors or driven by tormentors”. He has written 128 e-books, and 300 songs of inspiration in all genres. Giving is living for Donald Ward, the self-titled Masters Mentor. He is honored to serve and share.  ...... Read more on Full Issue!

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