White Flowers, Candles and Memories – (The white gardens – Kensington Place)

Sunday October 1, 2017

Every November, Roman Catholic and the Anglican Churches celebrate two very special occasions; All Saints Day and All Soul’s Day. In the Philippines it’s one of the most important holidays, as it’s the day designated to celebrate a feast in remembering and honouring All Saints who were not given a specific day of feast. The celebration became official with Pope Boniface IV on May 13 in 609 AD. It was changed to November 1 by Pope Gregory III in 731-741. It’s the time when people all over the country return to their town or village to lay flowers and offer candles on the graves of deceased relatives. Most of the time, it’s when relatives gather together to remember their loved ones who passed away and reunite with old mates from their childhood. It serves as a mini reunion of family and school mates in the cemetery. Some are praying for the souls of their loved ones who departed from earth. Our loved ones who went home before us are the ones praying for us to make the right decision while on earth. After our life on earth, we cannot alter the choices we’ve made. Take a look at the story of the rich man and beggar Lazarus. When Lazarus died, the angels carried him into Abraham’s side and when the rich man died he was buried and tormented in hell. What determines whether we are going to heaven or hell is our faith, not our material possession. By grace of God through faith can secure us a place in heaven. Once we are saved, then good works shall flow out from our hearts. The rich man didn’t want his five brothers to be in a place where he was, he wanted to warn them through...... Read more on Full Issue!

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