Universal Catering A Perfect Blending of Cultures

Friday December 1, 2017

As the world of cuisine art exponentially expands, there are a select few who realize the importance of both purity and eclectic combinations to cater to the ever refined and highly Universal Catering A Perfect Blending of Cultures curious gourmands out there. When two respected masters come together to produce the best of the best of their worlds and beyond, you have the perfect blending of cultures in a central communion called Universal Catering. The newly formed power team of Chefs Mario Medina and Natalie Curie incorporates the skills of the two renowned culinary experts who both started their life long careers early on in their lives. Chef Medina picked up his passion for the art in his mother’s kitchen while growing up in Mexico City while Chef Curie started working in the kitchen at 12 years old helping her parents at their restaurant. Chef Mario’s impressive bio takes him from his Mexican roots to shine in the firmament of highly prestigious restaurants in Southern California, from Chateau La Jolla through Paradise Grill in Del Mar and the elegant Mi Cielo Restaurant and Rooftop Lounge in Downey he is amped to continue his driven desire to exceed his reputation with his synergistic partnership with Chef Natalie. She with her sterling background to match his, her Le Cordon Bleu diploma under her belt, she is a former Europhile who traveled and learned both the flavors and cooking techniques while in Europe. Her recognitions and awards from a wide range of culinary festivals and her exposure to the competitive world of cuisine is now culminating with the union of Mexican-European catering company which goes way beyond these two. Welcome the gustatory world of exclusive catering by Universal Catering!...... Read more on Full Issue!

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