Typical Maui Day

Tuesday August 1, 2017

Typical in in quotation marks? This is so because, in truth, “typical” does not describe how the day unfolds, but for lack of a better word, let’s use it here. And so starts my day, walking a mile towards the ocean before the sun peeks out from behind the majestic Haleakala. The stroll begins at a relaxed pace and speeds up as the beauty and the breadth of the breathtaking blue ocean comes closer to view.

The West Maui mountains change hues as the sun slowly colors its slopes. I continue on along the beach, barefoot and all, sometimes spotting a heart shaped coral and then ‘float’ a plumeria I picked from the front yard at home. A silent ritual of sorts, as my gesture of gratitude for all this isle has given in its blessings.

As the beach ends, the ocean trail begins and I eagerly get on the winding path that meanders around the edge of the shore like a rim, offering the most magnificent views. Turn full circle in place and all the mountains are snugly embracing us. From Haleakala to the littler isles of Lanai and Kahoolawe (a reserve off limits to development) and the tiniest, world famous Molokini, just by its edge. This islet is the tip of a dormant volcano and snorkelers from around the world flock to it like the sea birds hovering above. My panorama is a view with 360 degrees of unparalleled divinity rising from volcanic eruptions in the middle of the Pacific ocean eons ago.

At about midpoint on the stone trail is a heart made of white rocks. The word Peace was there one week and then Love was written in its place at another time. Surely a heavenly message lovingly arranged by some evolved soul or souls…

Finally I come upon Keawakapu beach, renowned as one of the most beautiful not only on the island but in the whole of Hawaii and the world. There is a stump of an old tree which stands like a vanguard in the middle of the lava rock on the coast. I dubbed it with the title of “The Beacon”. Because it reminds me of a beacon reaching out to the heavens and of a truly once in a lifetime event one evening. Out of nowhere a huge flash of countless meteors “swooshed” loudly by in the dark night sky, catching me and another star gazer in total shock. Shaken somehow but totally awed at that moment of momentary timelessness.

I head to towards the Koi ponds in the grounds of the Marriott and though I am not a “feeder”, they converge towards me or anyone who may remind them of the groundskeeper who does the actual feeding. The colors and non-colors of this fish from the carp family which were brought in by Japanese immigrants remind me of threads upon a palette of colors from which nature paints the tapestry of life. And so whenever it’s time, I head on back towards home, usually just as the sun is almost getting warmer to the point of me breaking into serious sweat. But the return walk is just as pleasant. There is this little ‘secret’ garden, and as such I will not share exactly where it is along the way. Its tiny yellow flowers mark the spot as I continue on to begin my work day. There under the portal between two fragrant flower bearing plumeria trees is where my final stop sits and where seats await me. As I enter the cottage, the family of bromeliads in a large pot reminds me of how this large collection started when a good friend whom I had worked with at the county of Maui kindly gave me three little “keiki” (or baby) plants as a housewarming gift. Bromeliads are cousins of the pineapple and though not edible, they do provide for a neat explosion of leafy blooms. So life goes on in this ‘untypical’ paradise under the sun aptly called the “House of the Sun” by native Hawaiians.

At the end of the day, there is the Maui Wowie sunset that draws folks out of their lairs and like lemmings to sea, direct their steps towards the setting orb, eagerly hoping to catch a (don’t blink) moment of the phenomenal “green flash”.

There is a beautiful language here, spoken in hushed tones as the winds and the rains, in harmony with the moon, the stars and the sun all converge upon this miracle of a place, my spiritual home of Maui. Aloha and Mahalo for reading.

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