The Sport of Polo is open to anyone who wants to try and play.

Tuesday August 1, 2017

Charles Torroba is the owner of CHEVAL POLO clothing company, a supplier of shirts to different Polo Clubs. He is a riding instructor and volunteers at California Polo Club. Charles is also the Vice President of Sales at Go 2 Transportation and owner of Direct Transport, a courier company that picks up and delivers documents, aircraft parts, etc. all over Southern California. He is married to Vanessa with whom he has three children. Mikaela, is 2 years old, her brothers are Miguel, 9 and Marcus, 5 who also plays Polo at California Polo Club in Sylmar, California. A Fil-Am from humble beginnings, he is now breaking through the sport of Polo, once thought to be reserved only for the rich and elite. Carlos Sousa Torroba aka “Charles”, is the first Filipino-American Polo player and instructor at California Polo Club. He plays the #2 and #3. Charles, 44 was born in the Philippines to Filipino parents Rodrigo and Lucy. His Dad, who is from Batangas, worked at a sugar plantation and his Mom, who is from Marinduque owned a dressmaking shop. He went to school at Colegio de San Agustin in Makati, and migrated to the US at age 10. He went to Daniel Murphy Catholic High School in Los Angeles and later graduated with a Business Management degree at Cal State Northridge. His interest in Polo started at the California Polo Club. After 10 years of playing, he became a Polo Instructor at the California Polo Club in Sylmar, California. In 2006, he distinguished himself by receiving accolades for his accomplishments in the field of public service which include: 1. Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition 2. California State Assembly Certificate of Recognition 3. California State Senate Certificate of Recognition 4. County of Los Angeles Recognition...... Read more on Full Issue!

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