The Reo Brothers

Friday November 1, 2019

FROM Hollywood to Asia By: Robert Womack There is a distinctive band originally from Tacloban, Philippines called The REO Brothers. It consists of four extremely talented brothers, Ronjoseph, Ralph, Reno, and Raymart. The four brothers have the uncanny ability to give their homonymous renditions of the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and the Bee Gees that are very much like the original group’s sounds from the instruments to the singing. Yes, these boys can do other famous bands as well and in perfect pitch. However, before I get into their accomplishments, it is necessary to tell you some history of their humble beginnings. You might say, the band started when Ronjoseph put together a makeshift set of drums. “Necessity is the mother of invention”, so Ronjoseph crafted his drums, from tin cans to chip bags into a set of drums. He even learned to play them on his own. Next he mastered the guitar, then went on to teach his brothers how to play. Incidentally, they were inspired by their father, Reynaldo Otic, and his love of 50’s to 80’s music that he listened to constantly. As the band developed, Ronjosept became the lead singer and acoustic guitar player, Ralph on base and vocals, Raymart on rhythm and vocals, and Reno on drums and vocals. So, from the makeshift drums to a short span of four years they were actually playing gigs. The band began to play at birthday parties and other events around Tacloban City. The group was happy, they were making money, enough to get by but then unfortunately or fortunately, their arrangements were literally blown away. Typhoon Yolanda blew into Tacloban City on November 8, 2013, causing great destruction of buildings, trees, automobiles, and flooding away many places. The devastation caused by the storm left...... Read more on Full Issue!

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