Monday May 1, 2023

By: Melody Garcia and Mark Anthony King “Creation”, the silent film that Sir Daniel Winn has created, is a short fashion film that was released in the United States in November 2022, produced by Emmy-winning producer Georges N. Chamchoum and directed by award-winning cinematographer and director Angel E. Vera of vera ONE productions. It has since then won the Venice short film award for best cinematography and has also been named as the official selection of the Experimental, Dance and Music Festival in 2023. Both Melody and I had the privilege of meeting with Sir Daniel Winn, so let’s start off by picking up from where we left off since his last featured cover for EXQUISITE International Magazine. Who is Sir Daniel Winn? He is a sage, complex in his brilliance, meticulous in his craft, and the weight of his talent is showcased in the finest galleries, homes, museums, and learning institutions across the world. He is a man who loves humanity, cares for the elderly, feeds orphans, and has raised over 10 million dollars (USD) for charity. He has taken the world by storm and set them on a journey through the unconscious mind, through human experience, and through the very book of Genesis itself. An animated, multidimensional extrasensory journey of the soul. THE INTERVIEW: CANDID MOMENTS Mark: One of my favorite things about your art is I see duality in it; I see light and dark, I see masculine and feminine, strong and soft. It was such a treat to be able to see what goes on in your head and in your heart. Sir Daniel: Thank you so much. It was very thought provoking, intellectual, cerebral, but I wanted to make it very aesthetically pleasing and bring people to pay attention without being...... Read more on Full Issue!

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